Thanksgiving Exercise

Phm 6
That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.     KJV

Our faith becomes effective, ie, active or pwerful, as we acknowledge every good thing within us.

For most of God’s people, that is a high challenge. We are so frozen by fear of pride that we are not able to truly acknowledge whatever good thing God has wrought in us.

This ought not to be.

Rather than teach on pride/humility I would just like for us to exercise a little practice with this verse.

Each of us has gifts, talents, abilities that make us unique and give us a sense of accomplishment whenever we exercise them.

It is time to acknowledge them.

But, let’s not stop with ourselves. Let’s include someone else in our thanksgiving.

Here are the rules: 

  1. you must say one good thing about yourself–anything
  2. you must say one good thing about another person, and try to address it to that person
    (ie, Suzy, I like the way you always laugh at my jokes)
  3. if that person has a blog or website, you might want to leave them a little link-love, too when you comment
  4. you may comment as many times as you like through the week of Thanksgiving, but only leave one thing on each post.
  5. you do not have to return the compliment to one who said something about you

I’m going to leave this up for the week of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for us to remember things that we are grateful for. Let us express our gratitude for who we are and for those who add something of themselves to our life.

You might want to send an e-mail to the person you compliment, and give them the link, because they may not read this blog. (I only average 20 hits/day.)

I have begun with the first comment.

There is the distinct possibility that we may learn more about this virtual community of which we are a part.

15 Responses to “Thanksgiving Exercise”

  1. Dale Hill Says:

    I am a good photographer. I am good at taking pix of people in unguarded moments.

    I love reading Tam’s tidbits. Tam, you are a good writer and I like the way you use words to reveal what’s going on in your head and life.

  2. Dale Hill Says:

    I found out for myself how difficult this going to be.
    My first comment above, about Tam, was written in the third person, so I delted it and tried again.
    And I forgot to leave the link-love.

  3. tam Says:

    i have a good sense of humor. i love making people laugh.

    i have grown to adore and love sara at Gitzen Girl. she is an inspiration like none i have ever see or felt before in my life!

    dale, this is a wonderful idea! i will be writing about, and linking to, this post this coming week. i love it!

    and thank you so much for your kind words!

  4. great posts « inProgress Says:

    […] 23, 2008 · Filed under Community, great posts dale hill has a great post right now that encourages us to write one thing positive about ourselves and one […]

  5. bryan Says:

    I am a hard worker.

    Over the last few months I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon The Owen Family’s Blogs. Adam & Karen, you are a remarkable couple. Your rock steady faith while caring for your son is so encouraging. Proving that we can handle anything with God by our side.

    Adam –
    Karen –

    Thank you Dale for this opportunity to be thankful.

  6. ckroboth Says:

    I don’t like complimenting myself, and when others complement me I am extremely humbled. God deserves the compliments.

    Joe and I get each other, and I have enjoyed getting to know him as a brother in Christ. He is a fabulous writer.

  7. Dale Hill Says:

    By the grace and calling of God, I am a good teacher.

    I appreciate you, Darla. You always seem to have just the right word of encouragement for everyone. You are obviously a Lover in the Body of Christ.

  8. tam Says:

    amen to your words on Dalra. AMEN AND AMEN again!

  9. darla Says:

    I love to love on the needy, forgotten, the least of these.
    While experiencing much healing and suffering this year in Christ, I have been so blessed by so many, and if I choose them all here, I will either forget one very special to me, or end up in Spam.
    So just one? she always has a scripture for me right when I need it!
    (and my of few words..but HE means them)

  10. PeregrinJoe Says:

    I praise God for making me a good husband and father.

    Carl you bless me brother. The kind and encouraging words you levae on my comments and that you use in your posts are an example of the love of Christ to me.

  11. darla Says:

    Happy thanksgiving Dale and Gracie!

  12. darla Says:

    Did the turkey tie you up? should I send help? wondering where you are?

  13. Dale Hill Says:

    Thanks for checking.
    I’m still here.
    Basically took some time off from the computer an everything about it. Didn’t even check my e-mail for a few days, or visit my favorite blogs.
    Ready to get back at it this week, though.

  14. darla Says:

    its good to walk away from this thing every now and then, does good to just hear Jesus speak and not so much everyone else….I know I love my alone time with HIM. Glad you are well!

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