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Confident Assurance

Gal 1:8 (ESV) – But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.

Paul would never have made it as an American. In this country, it is expected that one would say something like, “While I don’t believe the gospel you are preaching, you certainly have the right to believe whatever you want.” But that’s not what he said.

He said, “What you’re preaching is not the same thing I preached and you are wrong! Your gospel, which is no gospel at all, will land you in hell!”

That is confidence. It is not self-assurance, but God-assurance.

Do you so strongly believe in what you have received from the Lord that you can stand for it and against all others who might be different or even come against it?

Gal 1:15-16 (ESV) – But when he who had set me apart before I was born, and who called me by his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son to me, in order that I might preach him among the Gentiles, I did not immediately consult with anyone;

Here we see Paul, who knew the life he had formerly lived (v. 13-14), declare that he had been set apart for God’s service from the time before he was born. Yet, his life was nowhere near a manifestation of one who followed the Lord.

Religious, yes. Sanctified, no.

But, once again, we see Paul’s confidence (God-assurance) in his relationship to the Lord.

Let’s not miss the importance of what Paul is saying here.

We do not know for certain how old Paul was, but we know that he was a young man when Stephen was stoned (Acts 7:58). We also know that after he was saved, it was three years before he went to Jerusalem to meet with Peter and James (Gal. 1:18). So, it is safe to assume that Paul could be considered a young man as old as 30-35. But he was probably in his mid to late 40s when he penned this letter to the Galatians.

Paul was able to look back on his life, on all the things he had done, the life he had lived in opposition to God, and say that he was called by God before he was born.

Doctrinally, I can say the same thing for myself; but the reality of my awareness—my knowledge, if you will—only goes back to the age of six. I know my spiritual journey, my seeking after the things of God, began at that time; but I did not meet the Lord in a saving way until I was 21 years old.

Are you able to look back over your life and trace the beginnings of the Lord’s dealings in your life before you were born again? Not just the number of times you were rescued from some trying or horrible situation, but the times when you were sensing a hunger for the things of God even though you didn’t know what to call it.

Many believers can recount the day of their salvation down to the very moment, and that is good. But few can recall the way God led them all those years until they finally came to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Can you say that God was leading you? Can you say how He was leading you?

When you do that, the regret, the angst, the guilt over the things you might have done or left undone begin to dissipate under the cleansing flow as you fully realize that everything about you has been redeemed.

Take a moment right now to think back over your life before you were saved, and find at least one spot where you know the Lord was leading you. Begin to thank Him for carrying you through all the other stuff that followed until He brought you into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9).

NOTE: This the first in a weekly posting on the Epistle to the Galatians. I am not the only one who is posting on this book. There are others who will be posting something on their blog each day of the week. We are each bringing something that the Lord gives us from chapter one of the epistle. You will be greatly blessed and encouraged, and your heart will be filled if you will take the time to read each day’s posting from one of the other saints involved in this collective effort. Put this link in your “favorites” or on your link bar at the top of your browser: and make it a point to visit everyday.

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All About Jesus

Jesus in Every Book of the Bible

(Author Unknown)

  • In Genesis, Jesus Christ is the seed of the woman.
  • In Exodus, He is the passover lamb.
  • In Leviticus, He is our high priest.
  • In Numbers, He is the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.
  • In Deuteronomy, He is the prophet like unto Moses.
  • In Joshua, He is the captain of our salvation.
  • In Judges, He is our judge and lawgiver.
  • In Ruth, He is our kinsman redeemer.
  • In 1st and 2nd Samuel, He is our trusted prophet.
  • In Kings and Chronicles, He is our reigning king.
  • In Ezra, He is the rebuilder of the broken down walls of human life.
  • In Esther, He is our Mordecai.
  • In Job, He is our ever-living redeemer.
  • In Psalms, He is our shepherd.
  • In Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, He is our wisdom.
  • In the Song of Solomon, He is the loving bridegroom.
  • In Isaiah, He is the prince of peace.
  • In Jeremiah, He is the righteous branch.
  • In Lamentations, He is our weeping prophet.
  • In Ezekiel, He is the wonderful four-faced man.
  • In Daniel, He is the forth man in life’s “fiery furnace.”
  • In Hosea, He is the faithful husband, forever married to the backslider.
  • In Joel, He is the baptizer with the Holy Ghost and fire.
  • In Amos, He is our burden-bearer.
  • In Obadiah, He is the mighty to save.
  • In Jonah, He is our great foreign missionary.
  • In Micah, He is the messenger of beautiful feet.
  • In Nahum, He is the avenger of God’s elect.
  • In Habakkuk, he is God’s evangelist, crying, “revive thy work in the midst of the years.”
  • In Zephaniah, He is our Saviour.
  • In Haggai, He is the restorer of God’s lost heritage.
  • In Zechariah, He is the fountain opened up in the house of David for sin and uncleanness.
  • In Malachi, He is the Sun of Righteousness, rising with healing in His wings.
  • In Matthew, He is King of the Jews.
  • In Mark, He is the Servant.
  • In Luke, He is the Son of Man, feeling what you feel.
  • In John, He is the Son of God.
  • In Acts, He is the Savior of the world.
  • In Romans, He is the righteousness of God.
  • In I Corinthians, He is the Rock that followed Israel.
  • In II Corinthians, He is the Triumphant One, giving victory.
  • In Galatians, He is your liberty; He sets you free.
  • In Ephesians, He is Head of the Church.
  • In Philippians, He is your joy.
  • In Colossians, He is your completeness.
  • In 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, He is your hope.
  • In I Timothy, He is your faith.
  • In II Timothy, He is your stability.
  • In Philemon, He is your Benefactor.
  • In Titus, He is truth.
  • In Hebrews, He is your perfection.
  • In James, he is the Power behind your faith.
  • In I Peter, He is your example.
  • In II Peter, He is your purity.
  • In I John, He is your life.
  • In II John, He is your pattern.
  • In III John, He is your motivation.
  • In Jude, He is the foundation of your faith.
  • In Revelation, He is your coming King.
    • He is the First and Last, the Beginning and the End!
    • He is the keeper of Creation and the Creator of all!
    • He is the Architect of the universe and the Manager of all times.
    • He always was, He always is, and He always will be…
    • Unmoved, Unchanged, Undefeated, and never Undone!
    • He was bruised and brought healing!
    • He was pierced and eased pain!
    • He was persecuted and brought freedom!
    • He was dead and brought life!
    • He is risen and brings power!
    • He reigns and brings Peace!
    • The world can’t understand him,
    • The armies can’t defeat Him,
    • The schools can’t explain Him, and
    • The leaders can’t ignore Him.
    • Herod couldn’t kill Him,
    • The Pharisees couldn’t confuse Him, and
    • The people couldn’t hold Him!
    • Nero couldn’t crush Him,
    • Hitler couldn’t silence Him,
    • The New Age can’t replace Him, and
    • Donahue can’t explain Him away!
    • He is light, love, longevity, and Lord.
    • He is goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, and God.
    • He is Holy, Righteous, mighty, powerful, and pure.
    • His ways are right, His word is eternal,
    • His will is unchanging, and His mind is on me.
    • He is my Redeemer, He is my Savior,
    • He is my guide, and He is my peace!
    • He is my Joy, He is my comfort,
    • He is my Lord, and He rules my life!
  • I serve Him because His bond is love,
  • His burden is light, and His goal for me is abundant life.
  • I follow Him because He is:
    • the wisdom of the wise,
    • the Power of the powerful,
    • the Ancient of days,
    • the Ruler of rulers,
    • the Leader of leaders,
    • the Overseer of the overcomers, and
    • the Sovereign Lord of all that was and is and is to come.

    And if that seems impressive to you, try this for size:

  • His goal is a relationship with ME!
  • He will never leave me,
    • never forsake me,
    • never mislead me,
    • never forget me,
    • never overlook me,
    • and never cancel my appointment in His appointment book!
  • When I fall, He lifts me up!
  • When I fail, He forgives!
  • When I am weak, He is strong!
  • When I am lost, He is the way!
  • When I am afraid, He is my courage!
  • When I stumble, He steadies me!
  • When I am hurt, He heals me!
  • When I am broken, He mends me!
  • When I am blind, He leads me!
  • When I am hungry, He feeds me!
  • When I face trials, He is with me!
  • When I face persecution, He shields me!
  • When I face problems, He comforts me!
  • When I face loss, He provides for me!
  • When I face Death, He carries me Home!
  • He is everything for everybody, everywhere, every time, and every way.
  • He is God, He is faithful.
  • I am His, and He is mine!
  • My Father in heaven can whip the father of this world!
    So, if you’re wondering why I feel so secure, understand this . . .

    GOD said it and that settles it.

  • God is in control, I am on His side, and that means all is well with my soul.
  • Everyday is a blessing because GOD IS!

NOTE: I found this on Jason’s Page