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who-is-the-antichristWhen you hear the word “antichrist,” what comes into your mind?

If you are the visual type, then you probably have some sort of an image pop into your mind—probably not unlike some graphic that you have seen in the past. It could be of a man-like figure with horns, or a suave and debonair businessman. Different extremes, no? But certainly not unlike what we have been presented with over the years.

If you are more the intellectual type, then all the stories you’ve heard and read come flooding through your mind, but probably not without images attached.

Therefore, I will ask the question differently: what is your definition of “antichrist?”

I venture to say that, for most people, the definition goes something like this: the antichrist is the main figure in the end times who opposes God and His people, and leads the world into deception. I probably won’t argue with you on that.

HOWEVER…                                                                                                                                                                                            Read more….


Dale Hill began teaching from the Bible and ministering to God's people more than 50 years ago. From the beginning his focus was on Peter's question, "How should we then live?" (2 Peter 3:11) Now, the richness of a life devoted to serving God and His people is being made available in print form so that many more believers will be able to benefit from Dale's ministry.

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