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  1. darla Says:

    Brother WOW!!! this is awesome, may I post it, and link it back to you? this is good and powerful! Glad that your widget problem seems undercontrol! 😉 you may want to go back in there and select the Akismet…otherwise you wake up and find links on your posts to things that are just not from God. Don’t you hate that the enemy doesn’t ever sleep? Peace and Love Brother!

  2. Dale Hill Says:

    Yes you may post this with a link. I would like for as many as possible to be able to read this. I believe it is more powerful than most realize–the way we get suckered in by the enemy.
    Don’t let the good things become the enemy of the best thing!!

    • coach Says:

      were you in the meeting? if yes, then u must be one of the devil’s demons. if no, how did u know about this convention and the venue. If u are angry about this reply or u do not have answers to these questions then u must be one of those who are seeking cheap popularity. For as many as u deceived with your devil’s convention lies, u will pay. Pray to God to teach u how best to teach people about God’s love for them not telling funny lies. everything on earth, the seen and unseen ones are created by
      God. Even in your church u use TV, VCR, CD, MICROPHONE, DVD, u even listen to radio, and u pastor have borrowed money before, and your church operates for over 12hours every day. The universe is watching u pastor. Repent

      • Landon Kies Says:

        Well said. Why don’t we focus on the eternal love of Christ? Why don’t we focus on the daily struggles people go through to get a meal on the table? For all I see, most of the things said by this article seems to suggest that one cannot do anything for the glory of God ? While reading through this piece, it struck me as something cheap and flat. God is all loving and for anyone to suggest that God does not want us to engage in daily activities is nasty. This article merely tries to exploit the vulnerable and strike fear into the mind of folks. This is not what Christianity is all about. I remember Paul had to caution some people in the new testament who thought the world was about to end and they stopped all activities in anticipation of the coming of the Lord. Paul told them to go about their business and to engage their daily activities!!

      • kesey Says:

        correct a fool he ll hate you,but correct a wise person he ll take correction,oga there is somtin in u dat resists correction;my advise to you is to tell God to change ur heart;u have an unteachable heart

      • Adebayo kumuyi Says:

        @coach, U nearly water down dis timely&benefiting msg by ur destructive criticism. Even if he was nt at d meeting, d writer may be inspired 2write dis timely msg 2gear us up 2r mandate which we r fast neglecting&d devil is taking advantage of, loading us wit unnecesary distractions @d expence of d perishing souls. Is it necesary 4him 2b in d meeting b4 being inspired 2write such a sensitive&warning msg? Why do we hv D Holy-Spirit den? Jesus Christ said dt He wil guide us 2al truth. Dis msg is true bcos it revealed my life 2m t adjust. Becareful nt to work against any msg dt can mk us adjust positively as Christians.

      • Ade Adeyanju Says:

        You this coach, I am convinced you a satanist, an agent of darkness. I will only plead with you to repent because that is what Jesus would have told you. Repent for the time is short. God loves you.

      • rosa joya Says:

        coach this not the time to pass bad remark,James 1:5-6 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.1 John 2:3-6 We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands. Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person. But if anyone obeys his word, love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.Matthew 9:35-38 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.John 8:31-32 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

      • Gladys Says:

        I dont see anything wrong in this article we all know dat its true dat we give in more time to worldly activities than the things of God. The article is self explanatory it didnt say abandon ur source of livelihood. I understand why pple are criticising this piece and dat is how difficult it will be to get into the kingdom of God. Porn articles never get such criticism, dats life for u. Pls let the writer be he made a point and l say a word is enough for the wise. Period.

      • adams Says:

        Elisha was nt in the palace of the enemy king before he could reveal his plans, so u don’t neccessarilly need to be present among the devil and his demons before you know of this. You are so right. If God can take care of the birds of the air, then hw much more his beloved. You are God-sent, don’t be discouraged, God be with you.

      • Stewart Says:

        Look at all you Christians. Accusing each other of being followers of Satan! How quickly are the messages of love forgotten as you follow your own, arrogant, hateful cults. Now look around and see the violence and cruelty what your fellow Christians are perparating in God’s name.
        You don’t need to have your minds polluted by warnings about Satan to do good. Satan does not exist and neither does God. The bible is a fabricated story just like the one above about Satan.
        Goodness and love are in your hearts. You don’t need stories about God, Jesus and Satan to find that love.
        Go and sin no more.

      • Alvsin Says:

        Listen 2 wat d message of d story is passin across not wat d story is sayin……..

      • Boluwatife Falaye Says:

        @ coach: oh my! Is the truth so bitter that you can’t accept it? Have you heard the word “fiction” before? What of the word “pararble”? If those are too complicated for you to understand, you should know what “illustrations” are and how they are used.

        Don’t you see how what is meant to be a home is turned into a divorce drama, where the house is used by the once innocent daughter to (you know what) with multiple partners; and the once perfect son decides to go out to hang out with the wrong set of “friends” (my foot) who introduce him to girls, drugs & guns. They don’t realize that there’s something wrong until the son mistakenly commits murder; the girl destroys her womb due to multiple abortion, the father is diagnosed with lung cancer because he stays out of home and smokes with colleagues, and the mother has a heart attack. All because they were too BUSY.

        Now I’ve written a sermon. I’m very sorry. Thanks to d original writer for making us aware of the devices of the devil that are already operating; now we’ll be mindful of them and come out victorious.

        Congrats, Coach you’ve gotten the fame you always wanted. I even know you are called “coach”.

      • dan Says:


      • BoyGeorge Says:

        Yeah… Ur right ; bird of desame feather floke 2geda!

      • otunba123 Says:

        fuck you coach..crack head

      • Zizi Chime Says:

        If this was not in a joke form you would not have read. Also dont you do at least 2 thhings in there while you were meant to talk to God.

      • Doc Mafox Says:

        Everybody note that Coach and Stewart, criticizers of this post, commented at 4am, in the dark wee hours of the morning. Why? Satanists! That is the time that they work as they do deeds of darkness and hence cannot work in light. We Christians are of the day but evilness such as drunkenness is done in the night. 1 Thessalonians 5 verses 7 and 8. I declare that the Holy Spirit of God burns the evil spirits in you with His fire, in the name of Jesus. AMEN!!

      • Damina Ishaku Says:

        Hey @coach! Why dont you fear God!? Or dont you tink His wrath can fall on u even as you criticize a man of God?? Or dont you think he’s inspired by th HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD TO WAKE THE CHURCH UP 4 REVIVAL? morover he’s not forcin you to repent,thank God we all knw that the trut is always bitter! My dear coach repent or you r on ur way to hell.

      • eaglerock Says:

        coach u are completely about this .we as christian we all know that satan is doing this everyday to keep us from God’ love we expirence most the staff the article say and aren’t funny lies l mean this is the truth

      • oluwasinaayomi Says:

        What u said had once happen in d bible when d lord send a lying spirit 2 a king 2 be killed at warfront as a reward 4 his rebellion

      • Njoku Somto Says:

        Na wa for the destructive critics ooo…I wonder whatever happened to creative writing and exposition…cheap lie or not, there are things to pick up and effect changes from this message…we should learn to take the content and not the package only…God bless you!

      • Feyisayo Lawalson Says:

        Mr Coach, it is well wit you Sir. I understand wat u quite mean. But i think U read this from a diff. perspective Sir… No one is sayn we shouldnt watch T.V or something but all we need do is to be careful and not loose our soul to the world and not forget God in our daily lives. And the bible says we should not be ignorant of the devises of the devil. May God give us understanding and wisdom of HIS word IJN… Shalom

  3. darla Says:

    Amen! I will put it up tomorrow..do you have it in a word program that you can email me? if not I will figure it out..thanks again!

  4. godwithus1 Says:

    I want to do the same thing. This is awesome.

  5. Dale Hill Says:

    I’ve sent you an attachment that includes the above article. You can post it on your blog. I hope you will provide the backlink.
    May the Lord bless this message as it travels further.

  6. Connie Faust Says:

    Dear Dale,
    Do you have any place for poetry? I have a poem called “The I AM Man.” It is convicting for anyone who does “church work” especially serving meals to the poor. I know it’s from the Lord, because He kept nudging me to write it after I heard a story about one they call “the ‘I-am’ man.” However, you can reserve judgment until you read it. I could send you a link directly to it if you’d like.
    I had forgotten I posted in your Friday Fun until I came across a link again.

  7. Jiamz Says:

    i post this on Facebook…..its really awesome….thanks a lot

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  10. Rodabeth Says:

    Hi Sir Dale,

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for being generous of your time & wisdom for sharing your thoughts about this. I’l disseminate the letter too. It’s worthy to be posted. May everyone try to live the Gospel concretely, so we could defeat Satan! God will be guiding us moment by moment.
    God Bless!

  11. Tava Says:

    Thats definately the mission of the devil,thanks for reviving me!!

  12. Lawrence attahiru. Says:

    May Godreward u guys for this wonderful research.it makes my day.am realy bless. Pls am looking forward in recieving more insightful mails from u Guys via my email adress.God bless.

  13. Prince Sunday Akpan Says:

    I’m born again christain from good chruistain family,I belive in God so much in my daily activity,but my problem is that I d’nt have time to read My bible but I know between and bad things around,pease it is nornal that way.

    • Damilola Abiona Says:

      In order 2 grow spiritually, u need 2 maintain a relationship with God by studying and meditating on His words n praying too. Stay blessed.

  14. Chukwuma Eric Says:

    I thank you every much for this message it is good to know the truth God bless you all in Jesus name amen

  15. iriaghomon kingfavor Says:

    thank you very much sir. I am refreshed! I need it too.

  16. Adesite Samsom Says:

    This is wonderfull sir, I am blessed with this information. One way or the other, a vail has been removed from bredren’s eye.the bible says the truth sets free. Continue in the strenght of the Lord. I need this article on my blog

  17. emmanuel julius palmer Says:

    I A̶̲̥̅♏ really overwhelm by this article I pray all that †ђε plans of satan and his agent Will not come to pass All christian will receieve spiritual strenght to over come all his stragedy and have time F☺я̲̅. †ђε Word of GOD

  18. Daniel Changes Azubuike Says:

    OMG! This is awesome. I love the message. I’ll pass it on.

  19. Jwat Dogara Says:

    Dis is encouraging.openning up our minds 2 d schemes of d devil.God help us.

  20. terwase Says:

    This is a real eye opener, I never really never thougt of it towards this way, I will definitely spread the news.

  21. Evang Nnamdi E Chigbu Says:

    Jesus is lord for ever nd ever.

  22. onimisi andy steve Says:

    God help us,overcome everything that makes us busy in life. We shouldn’t be too busy to serve God

  23. Ifeoma Nwoji Says:

    Oh,I’m so grateful to God for this eye opener. I want to crave for God and refuse to yield to d busy schedule which d devil might be using to distract me from having a close relationship wt my God.

  24. osayomwanbor philomena Says:

    This is incredible! d lord help us to watch and pray always. tank u sir for dis infn. god bless u

  25. Pan Kwash Says:

    I have understand wky my time is wasted on things that will not bring any profit to me..thanks i will be glad to recieve more of it.

  26. lily Says:

    Thnks b 2 God their plans wudnt wrk

  27. Omega Says:

    Thanks 4 dis enlightment, i cherish dis

  28. Leroy Says:

    Wow… Wow.. I am deeply touched, short but a lot to pounder about. Am motivated to be busy in the right direction. I decide to partake in linking this to friends as I belive its a point to a certified direction for Christ.

  29. seyi oyetade Says:

    Really touching. Now i know dat i really wasted my time on things that aint worth it. Thank you Lord for the message

  30. Rafael Ayorinde Says:

    This revelation clearly God-sent.
    Is it not written that The Lord sits on his throne looking down on the rulers of the earth as they meet ploting(amongst themselves) against the Holy One! But I AM looks down on them and LAUGHS!!#Ps2;2-4
    If our Father laughs, dat means d schemes of these cochroaches is only going to make us laugh at there widespread Foolishness.. LOL!
    Indeed! It is written that; Greater is he that is in Me and You than he that’s in the world. the devil has been foolish even since d beginning of time he’s d daddy of all liers… I Laugh at their folly! Hahahahahahahaha!!!
    Christ’s Body Laughs at and mocks Satan’s feeble plans.

  31. Cmc Ami Says:

    This is really interesting…

  32. Rachael Ilu Says:

    Lets pray n ask God 2 protect us frm d plan of d devil

  33. luther king Says:

    Hey,my spirit is lifted.Good to know their plans. May GOD help us (xtians)to watch and pray for we can’t win by our own but through Jesus Christ alone.Thanks for the info,pls i need more of this.

  34. Mogaji Says:

    Who shall I send? Here I am,send me oh LORD to be used for your glory!

  35. Ikhenoba Lloyd Says:

    I love this and I’ll be happy sharing it 2 friends and family….

  36. Olawale adebajo Says:

    Very prophetic n an eye opener 2 d fact of life 2 paradise

  37. hyelakuma kadosh dibal Says:

    this is awesome. What amazed me abt dis is d fact dat, it is exactly wat is going on now in dis age. Technology and work has taking place in harts of men.
    Tnx to u sir for this eye opener.
    Can i have dis in my mail, so dat i can forward it to others also.
    Remain Bless

  38. wilson yohanna Says:

    God bless you for this awakening strategies. I pray that millions of christian families will be saved through this article. God bless you once again.

  39. madi friday Says:

    may God giv us d power 2 b busy only in his work so dat satan n his demon wil b put 2 shame. Amen!

  40. emma t koko Says:

    pasor dis is funny but makes sense

  41. ajuriobari Says:


  42. jesse jasini innocent Says:

    Please create time to read this, its very important!!!

  43. JAMES NADILA Says:


  44. hajara buba Says:

    God is still using his people,but d distractions re more? Bro dis is a nice piece may God continue to open our eyes coz christians we have a lot of work to do. Remain blessed!

  45. Jonathan Philip Says:

    It is my earnest prayer, that God will set humanity free from the deceit of the devil.

  46. Emmanuel Paul Says:

    Jesus has won d batle since 2000 years ago. I wish people shuld put dis in their mind, ‘what shal it profit a man even if he gains d whole world n loss his soul in hell fire’ lord hav mercy on us!

  47. Babatunde Adegbola Says:

    I pray dat God will help us and give us His grace to carry on and to withstand every temptation…

  48. Bala jonas Says:

    Wow!!!i luv this very well cos,’ is quite a preaching abt what most ppl take as notin in their lives or rather 4granted due to, the weekness in christ jesus.

  49. Mose Balogun Says:

    Thank God for this kind of message. It’s really life touching.

  50. Roland Imoyera Says:

    Sir God bless u 4 us and increase ur anoiting and ministry in Jesus name amen

  51. Samuel Ndahi Says:

    Devil ur lair, and a cheat!

  52. Peter Says:

    Wow, God bless the writer of this message. For i know you did not write this with your own knowledge but the spirit of God speaking through you.

  53. eyA mAryrose Says:

    This is S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ revealing. ThAnk God we have this kind of truth that would make us understand all the tricks of the devil. If God be for us, nothing can be against us.

  54. Sunday Otene Says:

    This is really awesome.may i post it on my facebook?

  55. Israel Jason brymo Says:

    Don’t know what to say but thank you.thank you for this vital information….sure to share it with my family and friends.God bless you

  56. James haruna Says:

    God i tank you 4 d opputunity 2 read dis.

  57. aaron babson Says:

    I A????? really bless by this pies ideed satan has distract God’s children by engaging us i?????n????? so many things dat cud mk us forget our service to God,may God help us to be free frm being BUSY,God bless ??? brother.

  58. solomon etuh Says:

    Am so bless readind this.

  59. Gabriel Says:

    Diz s quite interesting. Satan enof s enof

  60. Dare Daddymee Badagry Says:

    May d Lord bless dis writer.
    May HE also guide every soul dat read dis article to do HIS will accordingly. The entire world is busy doing nothing. SAVIOUR Come into our heart.
    Holy spirit chanel our path.
    WORD OF GOD be d light outo our path Amen. (shalom)

  61. Meg Egbe Says:

    Wow! This is so realistic & an eye opener. Tanx

  62. Kujembola tayo Says:

    This great, don’t stop devil is surely in trouble.

  63. Joseph john Says:

    Exactly ,is happening you will be busy throughout the day. No time to attent fellowship, engaged in meaningless thing . God help me to realise your well in my life, serve you with all of my heart to the best of my ability.

  64. John zakka Says:

    Lord ve mercy on us,watchova us,grant us d strngth we nid 2 carry on dis battle amen!

  65. lar joseph Says:

    I’m afraid so many of us don’t know

  66. Onofiok michael Says:

    Sir thank u for this message. It is touching. It is a reminder for christain to be busy in right direction for christ.

  67. solomon kim Says:

    This is a most read for every christian. Thanks sir.

  68. olumide Omojuyigbe Says:

    I was meditating a few weeks ago when my mind went to John 10:10 where the bible says “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy….” As I thought about it, I began to understand that though the devil destroys an enormous amount of lives around the world using wars, famine and natural disasters, that he destroys far more many lives using “vain pursuits”. I mean a man may not die young, he may live in the west and live to be old and in health, but if he never fulfils God’s purpose for his life, what difference does it make if he died of famine as a young man?

    The purpose of life is the pursuit of God’s purpose, we live only to the extent we pursue that. The second part of that scripture has Jesus saying ” but I have come that you may have life and more abundant life. True living is in Christ and the pursuit of God’s purpose.

  69. Dangai Dalyop Says:

    This really is an eye opener. May the good Lord help us in JESUS’s name. Amen. Thanks Dale.

  70. olumide Omojuyigbe Says:

    I was meditating a few weeks ago when my mind went to John 10:10 where the bible says “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy….” As I thought about it, I began to understand that though the devil destroys an enormous amount of lives around the world using wars, famine and natural disasters, that he destroys far more many lives using “vain pursuits”. I mean a man may not die young, he may live in the west and live to be old and in health, but if he never fulfils God’s purpose for his life, what difference does it make if he died of famine as a young man?

    The purpose of life is the pursuit of God’s purpose, we live only to the extent we pursue that. The second part of that scripture has Jesus saying ” but I have come that you may have life and more abundant life. True living is in Christ and the pursuit of God’s purpose.

    Thanks for the post.

  71. ohalete favour Says:

    Woaaa! Is awesome,I would love to share it.

  72. Jesyca durotinu Says:

    Can u plz…..link me 2 d poem too? The I Am Man

  73. olalekan Says:

    More of ds as God will continue †• Inspire you sir

  74. nokuphiwa Says:

    gosh what an insightful message:……its was in my best interest to read this

  75. Adekugbe Ayodeji Says:

    I needed this.

  76. Daphne Says:

    This is a wake-up call to ALL Christians!

  77. Safiya rilwanu Says:

    Thank God 4 exposin d devil

  78. Emmanuel Ibeh Says:

    Mhen i love this,its encouraging for we christians… But the issue is this,those good things of life christians find it difficult to get them why? That suppose not to be a means of devil getting we christians cos the earth is of the Lord and the fullness there of…

  79. Blessing Manbyen Maikarfi Says:

    Dis is enriching nd encouraging! How i wish it also maks sense 2 people around me 2…

  80. Livingstone Says:

    I would also have to have it posted and shared to someone. Hw can it happen?

  81. Blessing Manbyen Maikarfi Says:

    This is enriching and encouraging! How i wish it also makes sense to people around too…

  82. Ayo Says:

    God it is true talk

  83. Ayo Says:

    God it is true talk. But we shal fight against d soon for this not to happen

  84. Steve KWOL Says:

    Good & great

  85. Rita Says:

    The plans of the enermy will not work! Thanks for putting up this massage…

  86. Isah adeiza John Says:

    …May God save the Elect of this End Time from getting Busy wen the GROOMS COME CALLING UNTO THE BRIDE…..

  87. Jeffrey Patrick Says:

    .man of God thank you for this very inspiring christian message. The devil is a liar.
    The devil can never succeed in my life. please can you find time to post me some scripture to pray with b4 i go for my fathers burial which is on the 28 of january?

  88. lonny Says:


  89. Meg Says:

    God help me to follow His banner and serve Him wherever I go and when I am tempted, God give me the grace to say No!

  90. Sogo Emmanuel Says:

    Sir, this is a great revelation coming at the very right time to expose the devices the greatest enemy of the redeemed “the Devil” use against us unawares, in contending with our spirits, souls & bodies. That is why it is so imperative we understand that, it is high time we began teaching people how to outrightly live in the spirit as not to gratify the desires of the sinful nature because they will always come. Love you sir.

  91. Henry jatau Says:

    The wicked run away when no one is chasing them but the godly are as bold as lions.may god save us amen.

  92. Agnes Kaskat Idi Says:

    Awesome piece, its really an eye openner. I thank God for making me read this, I pledge my total allegience to the Lord Almighty, from this day forward my life will be less of the world and more of God.

  93. Gideon nnakude Says:

    Ha terrible oh lord deliver your children from the hands of the devil

  94. Gideon nnakude Says:

    Ha terrible oh lord deliver your children from the hands of the devil. The end is so near

  95. Teradzo Says:

    This is quite insightful. Thanks

  96. Nekkie osuji Says:

    Dis is a great revelation God help us even as we try 2 help ourselves gettin closer to him…..amen

  97. ufuoma Says:

    May GOD reward u 4 this revelation. This is exactly what is happening in the world today.

  98. shikfu Bewaran Says:

    Revealing even as it challenges one to ask pertinent questions with regards to ones relationship with God.

  99. Syntyche Says:

    This has really blessed my life. I wish christains wil take time to read it. Pls can u send it to my mail so i can forward it to as many as possible. Thanks

  100. Dorcas Kato Says:

    Wat a revelation.

  101. coach Says:

    were you in the meeting? if yes, then u must be one of the devil’s demons. if no, how did u know about this convention and the venue. If u are angry about this reply or u do not have answers to these questions then u must be one of those who are seeking cheap popularity. For as many as u deceived with your devil’s convention lies, u will pay. Pray to God to teach u how best to teach people about God’s love for them not telling funny lies. everything on earth, the seen and unseen ones are created by
    God. Even in your church u use TV, VCR, CD, MICROPHONE, DVD, u even listen to radio, and u pastor have borrowed money before, and your church operates for over 12hours every day. The universe is watching u pastor. Repent

    • Dale Hill Says:

      Nothing of what you accused is true, so you must be a liar.

      • Ogbonotan mayokun Says:

        This is a powerful and eyeopening message that is needed for any christain that desire to live an overcoming life in this world of evil and wicked imaginations and thoughts of man. I LOVE IT. GOD WILL CONTINUE TO STRENGHT YOU IN JESUS NAME. I will need it in my email if possible sir!

      • Emma Says:

        Forget all these people who are criticising this great revelation…i have heard something similar 4rm a repented occultist during deliverance. If you don’t believe this,you are made mad by demons already… This revelation is pure truth!

    • Oyinblessing Says:

      There’s a spirit in man the inspiration of the Almighty that makes him intelligent…and the spirit of a man is like a candlestick that searches the heart….and its a fool that will say in his heart that there’s no God. As much as everything God created is for good…we are also aware that this world is a trap…the focus here is for us not to be entangled with the affairs of this world. 2Tim2:14: He that warreth must not entangle himself with the affairs of this world that He may please the One who called Him to be a soilder” Let every man live by His convictions nevertheless the Lord will forever rule in the affairs of men and let him that thinks he stands takes heed lest he falls…our salvation is closer than we first believed..there’s a need to race into God and live above the distractions…anythg that will break our relationship with God is a trap that wants to ensare…we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil…always looking for whom to devour…Jesus reigns… we are overcomers and we will overcome… God bless!

  102. Jachike light Says:

    God bless u sir….continue d good work….d plans of d devil wil nt com 2 pass….he wil alwayz cum 2 late

  103. JOB Says:

    Its i nice information: the information gives room for prayers

  104. Mercy gaiya Says:

    God have mercy!.

  105. gideon Says:

    no commen, jst dat d devil has realy succeeded. Buh nt anymore

  106. queen ojima momoh Says:

    dats tru oo, dats y all dis probs of fuel subsidy cam so dat d christains wl hv excuse of nt hvin transport to go to church

  107. Pjay Dipun Says:

    Am glad 2 kwn this truth,most time we re alwyz busy wit useless tin of lif.

  108. Petr Says:

    Its awesome. Am bless’d. Tankx 4 reminding me of God’s Love.. I wil rearrange my activities into suiting God’s own time. Tanks

  109. Innocent Jonah Gosomji Says:

    May the good Lord strengthen you the more.

  110. olufunmi Says:

    Wow , i dnt know what †☺ write except G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ bless Ɣøû

  111. okezino Says:

    Honestly,this is true. All we need is God’s grace to enable us not to be carried away from our primary focus. Its so difficult to differentiate a believer from an unbeliever nowadays. Lord,help us.

  112. Chidinma Says:

    And to think that He keeps Us busy pursuing shadows (church activities) which are good, but shouldnt take the place of our devotion and quiet time. I am also guilty of all these. God help me cause I refuse o be b.u.s.y. Anymore

  113. mathew Says:

    Oh my God, this is great, what must we do to be save? Sir God bless you and enlarge you ministry. With this satan and his angels are in a great danger, all believers must read this. Nice one.

  114. Chimaraoke Prospect Says:

    God who is perfect will make us to be stable in his presnce.

  115. Tolu Says:

    God help we chrıstıans

  116. Ayo @ Business Owners' Bible Says:

    This is really true, but God is able to preserve us unto that perfect day. His grace is sufficient for us if we truly thirst for Him.

  117. Queen Says:

    Beware of false doctrines

  118. James laman Says:

    I dnt get!

  119. Oke yetunde Says:

    Tanx for sharing… Will share too!

  120. TINA ORJI OWOWO Says:

    Dis is true talk, d rate xtians r bcomn too busy marvels me, fashion inclin, getting it now or neva,desiring d world dan heavens’ but my sis no u dat HEAVEN IS A PREPARED PLACE FOR PREPARED PEOPLE do not relent in doin d wil of d master 4 HE soon appear

  121. Michael Says:

    this is nothing but the truth. The most unfortunate thing here is that alot of christians has been blindfolded by the so called satan to the extent that they will even doubt this great revelation. May the good lord opens your spiritual eyes the more and may he also help us his children to under that this is indeed the end time. and hasten up in serving him the only true God in spirit and in truth. I wish and each of every one us heaven at last.

  122. Felix Ibe Says:

    No mattter the amount of distractions the devil and his cohorts bring, God by His Spirit has a way of puting His people back on track. “I know that, whatever the Lord does, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it: and the Lord does so, that men shall revere Him” (Ecclesiastes 3 vs 14). Christian folks, fear not; the Lord who has began the good work in you shall perfect and finish it, just stay focused.

  123. Ani Benjamin Chukwuemeka Says:

    I m so blessed by this …I think I v been a victim of this treacherous scheme of the devil…I see the power of God deleivering me…with sufficient grace to draw closer to God

  124. Elachi LordLucky Edoka Says:

    Now wait a minute…,what are you asking me to do? Fold my hands and do nothing? Is that what God wants?

    Now if i may ask, *where was the venue of the meeting? *What time did the meeting take place? *How did you know about the meeting?

    I understand the message you’re trying to pass across, but this isn’t the best way to present it. You make it look as if it is sin to carry out daily activities.

  125. Johnson Says:

    This is really,a big revelation.He that has ear,let him listen.

  126. Benedicta onoja Says:

    May God bring us back 2 him…AMEN

  127. Steve Okok Says:

    Good one, they more like picturial, it captures d distractions of life(cares of this life as esxplained by Jesus in the parable of the sower. Well noted. Thanks.

  128. Benedicta onoja Says:

    Who d hell does lucifer think he is…tryin 2 seperate us frm God, he shud b warned bcoz God s by our side no matter hw much we sin…

  129. Rejoice Says:

    Am realy blessed with this article.may GOD continue to give us understanding of spiritual things.

  130. Dyek Yohanna Dyek (Mark) Says:

    Good message. For the wise, that’s enough.

  131. abba dominic Says:

    hmm. Devil

  132. Tony Says:

    Is dis really true,omG,God saves us from all dis anachy,domes and fusrations

  133. Finook Michael Dakahap Says:

    Thanks for the write up,it makes one to really have a re-think whether we are really spending enough time on doing things GOD really desire for us.remain bless.


    May th LORD GOD Deliver us in JESUS‘ name!

  135. Michael Says:

    Awesome.and brother,have i been caught in the web?i guess i have to reprioritise.

  136. Answers: 1. Yes! The devil has been very successfull in his schemes. 2. Yes! Being busy in anything outside the Vine Yard of our Lord Jesus Christ is being very well Busy Under Satan's York. Says:

    I weep for myself, for my generation and for the generation unborn.
    I pray, and how I deeply desire that, “sooner than soon,” our Lord Jesus Christ will help in hastening my steps to that point where He shall find me worthy to stand in the gap between Him and my people.

  137. Sanderson Bashayi Says:

    Yes! The devil has been very successfull in his schemes. Yes! Being busy in anything outside the Vine Yard of our Lord Jesus Christ is being very well Busy Under Satan’s York.
    I weep for myself, for my generation and for the generation unborn.
    I pray, and how I deeply desire that, “sooner than soon,” our Lord Jesus Christ will help in hastening my steps to that point where He shall find me worthy to stand in the gap between Him and my people.

  138. ritmwa Says:

    this is good keep the good work. And try to encourage christians to be very prayesful.

  139. kingsley Eze Says:

    I think some people misunderstood this article. The msg. Here says that “the devil is looking up means to engage christians in businesses that amount to nothing at the end of the day, though they might seem important, they’re not really important. Look around what is happening in world today and I bet u, u will not have any reason to doubt this. Let’s be mindful of our activities( interest, work, career,etc) bcos it is actually God that gives us power to make wealth. God bless all.

  140. gbenga Says:

    may GOD raise standards against every of his schemes in Jesus name.

  141. Feyimi Says:

    Dis indeed is a must read 4every1.D question is-WAT DO U DO WITH UR TIME.I pray God ll help us in Jesus name

  142. Charles nwachukwu Says:

    Woah! woah!! woah!!! Satan and his demons have really succeded.. Am a victim.. I cnt spend one day witot chattin.. GOD PLS HELP ME!!! AND 4GIVE ME!!!!

  143. Efe Oboh Says:

    am I too BUSY to recognise God’s place in my life?

  144. nelson Says:

    I luv dis. It is an eye opener. Xtians whereva u are let frustrate d devil’s plan and change d meaning of busy 4rm ‘being under satan’s yoke’ 2 being under saviour’s yoke’

  145. myke kolawole olasehinde Says:

    superb…..God is magnificient..

  146. rosa joya Says:

    what is said in this article is what happens in our daily lives,we are not here to abuse or pass bad remarks about what the writer said,he does not need to attend the convention to know about it,let check our lives and ask ourselves-Are we in line with God? God is not looking 4 sin pointers,he is looking 4 sin forgivers and If you find yourself on the wrong road and heading in the wrong direction, For HEAVENS sake make a U-turn. God is waiting.judge not so you won’t be judge.nice article.may God continue to bless you as you spread his word amen.

  147. Faith mg Ese Says:

    May God dliva us 4rm ds wicked wrld

  148. Shore Sarah Amina Says:

    This is awesom. I pray that we will not give satan a chance a chance in our everyday life.

  149. Alexander paul Says:

    U forgot to say that he asked them to make the preachers and teachers of the word to emphasize money and prosperity rather than true salvation cos I believe that is how the devil has scored his greatest victory against the church.Money over LOVE AND SACRIFICE.that is the new pentecostal churches’ theme.

    • Priscilla Tadievu Says:

      Alexander paul that is good of you to notice. the problem with christains started with the pastors , the Bishops and all those other high ranking titles in the church. people are busy acquiring wealth because they want to bring it to church on sunday so that they can be recognised, given titles and sit on the front pews. only the rich and affluent gives meaningful suggestions in churches but a righteous peasant has no say. so why wount the people get BUSY so as to get the pastor’s recognition?

  150. lawrence t. moses Says:

    people thought you were at the meeting. well, this is not so as i believe you were inspired by God to put down this piece that reminds every believing christian that they are strangers in this wicked world . we are not to use the whole of our lives living only for the flesh. God bless you sir.

  151. Lucyfred Says:

    Thank u jesus for makin me too know the truth today

  152. Stephanie Says:

    Were in d meetin?if yes hw ar we sure u nt doin stan’s wish?if no hw did u knw d abt d meetin?

  153. Gospel Says:

    Its an eye opener,things of this world are manupulation of the devil,instruments, ploy, coup as against the children of God.i pray we will resist the sweetness of this evil

  154. Akinola Emmanuel Olasunkanmi Says:

    This ????? too bad! Satan ????? a looser but ????? planning but all his devices will trap him down.

  155. taye lucas Says:

    He who has an ear let him HEAR,A word is enough for the WISE

  156. victoria Says:

    Broda dis article is awesome,kip it up its time we serve God wit evrytin we’v got by makin him our first priority in evry ramnifications of our lives,al d best.

  157. Oluwafemi Benjamin Gbadegesin Says:

    It’s d fulfilment of d last days prophery.The lv of many nw waxing cold,lovrs of material things,fun,more than God.Yet he’l hv mercy on those whom he’l hv mercy.It’s nw d duty of we christians 2 improve on evangelism,fervent prayer & fasting,bearing it on mind that the battle is d lords.Then heaven shal pour down righteousness and peopls mind shal be turnd 2 God.

  158. hillary Says:

    nawaoo!!!his strategies are much

  159. Oguma Says:

    Am busy for GOD WHAT ABOUT U?

  160. Esther Awazi Akumaga Says:

    it is obvious, this is what is happening now, i pray the grace of God will be more suficient to us to adjust and continue in the ancient path. Amen

  161. Gladys Says:

    My God

  162. Eigbobo Eseohe Says:

    dis is really powerful.tanks 4 d write up.indid u r right becos right we do tinks dat pls us n not god which is very bad wit dis am real tracin my step back to no were i mist it.tank u 4 dis wonderful lecture God wil bless u sir.

  163. sola Success Says:

    Hmmm,thanks be to G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ for this enlightment α̲̅πϑ alert! Ȋ̝̊̅†̥ is A̶̲̥̅ RED LIGHT! G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ help this generation out of every satanic manipulations pls! Thanks for d timely revelation!

  164. JOEL MOSES Says:


  165. Lwahas Nandom Says:

    This message is really inspiring and I pray that the good Lord will create a positive change in the hearts of all those who would read this article.
    All those criticising you and saying negative things about you because of this article like Coach are all agents of the Devil because this is a time when the church is facing serious persecution from the enemy!
    So please agents of the enemy in sheep’s clothing repent!!!

  166. Okeke N daniel Says:

    I love d good work God is doying tru u.

  167. Donald Says:

    Dis is absolutely true,i’ll do my best to share it.


    This revelation is the true picture of many christians today; infact 95% of each congregation are full of activities; they are no more fervent in the service of the Lord; prayer life down. As christians, we need to go back to Bethel.

  169. Jacob Seyi Says:

    God will help us this is a strong weapon in devil’s hand @ this last time but glory to God for His Mighty hand that will uphold us to the end in Jesus’ name. keep it up sir and I seriously covet your prayer for my soul too

  170. Ken Says:

    It was wirting befor so we should becarefull,all what is happening now is lalling us to weka up,

  171. Falope Abraham Oluwafemi Says:

    My spirit man is lifted up. Am highly blessed. Many christains today are too occupied with worldly things thereby sowing to the flesh instead of working for their Creator(God). Many families are under satanic yoke.

  172. kay Says:

    Christlikeness is not a home for hypocrites! Our ego, pride and crave for power is the only enemy for all individuals that dwell in the presence of the Lord 24/7 no matter their businesses! Even though we need to reserve some time to devout to his presence so that we can renew our strength. The veil of the temple has been torn, so it is left for all christlike to be truly christlike and leave everythin religious that has been engraved in teachings, doctrine and cultures according to human teachings! Let’s spread the love of God rather than fighting a battle that has been won more than 2 thousand years ago! Let’s wake up and live in the believe that our knowledge of God is only limited to the application of our mindset and dogmatism. All scriptures are given by the inspiration of God so we should know where we stand and research more and more scriptures, provin that which is right, truthful! Conspiracy in the world has presented painted pictures of non existing dramas and make believe! Your force in life is your mind and put in control pride, ego and desire for power and power! Jesus did exactly that on separation on the mount when he went to fast and pray for 40 days and 40 nights! Would be glad if people realise that mercy, grace and truth about Almighty alone is sufficient and not elaborated, self aggrandisng teachings as reflected in many religions today! All religions is a question of engagement of the mind around an element which is imbibed into so called different cultures and traditions! Concept that undermine the authority of the Almighty should be excluded in living a christlike life! My personal opinion! Really don’t need a fan!

  173. kay Says:

    Christlikeness is not a home for hypocrites! Our ego, pride and crave for power is the only enemy for all individuals that dwell in the presence of the Lord 24/7 no matter their businesses! Even though we need to reserve some time to devout to his presence so that we can renew our strength. The veil of the temple has been torn, so it is left for all christlike to be truly christlike and leave everythin religious that has been engraved in teachings, doctrine and cultures according to human teachings! Let’s spread the love of God rather than fighting a battle that has been won more than 2 thousand years ago! Let’s wake up and live in the believe that our knowledge of God is only limited to the application of our mindset and dogmatism. All scriptures are given by the inspiration of God so we should know where we stand and research more and more scriptures, provin that which is right, truthful! Conspiracy in the world has presented painted pictures of non existing dramas and make believe! Your force in life is your mind and put in control pride, ego and desire for power and power! Jesus did exactly that on separation on the mount when he went to fast and pray for 40 days and 40 nights! Would be glad if people realise that mercy, grace and truth about Almighty alone is sufficient and not elaborated, self aggrandising teachings as reflected in many religions today! All religions is a question of engagement of the mind around an element which is imbibed into so called different cultures and traditions! Concept that undermine the authority of the Almighty should be excluded in living a christlike life! My personal opinion! Really don’t need a fan!

    • Emmanuel Says:

      Thanks bro. Kay u beam more illuminance on the B.U.S.Y message. May the Lord of the Church keep His brides alerts at all times

  174. Emmanuel Says:

    The devil is really using materialism to send people into destruction. Dear Dave, I need answers to do the right thing.

  175. cajethan stephens Says:

    gud!!!…dis are some of d encouragemnt/info most of us(youths) do need,hw
    i realy wish some of dem wll’nt b even too busy 2 read dis……GOD HELP US!!

  176. Sir Lifted Says:

    Thank GOD 4 this msg,it dwells on things affecting me seriously.Imagine,i’m always postponing prayer and bible study either bcos i want to listen to sport programmes,i want to watch football matches or because i want to browse,whereas,i can stay on 2go(a chattin site) for 24 hrs.What a blessing it is for me ! May God help us all !

  177. ishaya Says:

    Lets fight against the satans Kingdom…By praying and doing the right things like reading the Bible. Having strong bonds in our families, ignoring the worldly beauty and endorse that which cometh from the king of kings.

  178. mark yohanna Says:

    I like it.

  179. Emma Says:

    And B.U.S.Y has been d Fate of many

  180. Skills Says:

    Poor coach seems to be the only one against this wonderful and timely exposition!

  181. ikaye jerry Says:

    their plans wil never work n jesus name

  182. John wash Says:


  183. nazom Says:

    I am blessed. Thank you very much

  184. Joyce Bulus Says:

    This is heart touching, i can’t believe that me who is claiming to be Christ follower is wanting in 1 or 2 of d above mentioned activities.@Coach, we, (true Christ follows) are not after popularity or fame, but after saving souls from the fires of hell. I know we have to work to meet ends needs, but we should never allow our activites to take us away from God’s time. @Darla, Sir, am puting it to you that; it was not you who wrote this piece, instead it was the Holy Spirit. Keep on the good work, for your reward is certain.

  185. Eti 1 Says:

    I love this article,it tells about the simple but dangerous ways through which the devil breaks the union between christians and Jesus.God bless and inspire you the more sir.

  186. Adedoyin Adesewa Mary Says:

    this is already working

  187. pius victor Says:

    I personally I don’t see anything wrong with the message. But what I want to say is everything in life woketh for good and for the glory of God. Be it busy life or less busy life God knows and see all things, to be busy is not a sin also to be less busy is not a sin, at this point I think we should pause and allow God be the judge as he is the general overseer of this world. God bless you all

  188. Chiamaka okonkwo Says:

    Wowww,i’m not so suprised,this sure for real..know what???….shut down that tv,drop that novel,magazine now and pick d bible and read and read and read….thats exactly wat i’m goin to do now…thanks guys this is definetly one big eye opener for me

  189. Joel Says:

    And ye shal kno d truth…….

  190. Adelaja Dotun Says:

    Satan and his agent have failed in my life and my family but his plan truly archived in some family but I pray that God will deliver Us from the damnation to come in JESUS name(amen)

  191. George Dabison Says:

    People are worshipper of the devil” Money” pls let give an awareness 2 the children of God.

    • George Dabison Says:

      Let pray 4 our brethren all over d world, 2 watch out cos the time is near.” people will be lovers of themselves and money” they will not have time 4 God but things of the world. Lets embrace the word of God which is (obedience) only that we can be save.

  192. osewmenkha efosa justina Says:

    oh Jesus I surrender all my ways to U, I will follow u forever nd ever, u will alone will I do.

  193. Bolaji Says:

    This is quite true…but who was @ d meeting of the devil

  194. ahmed michael mustapha Says:

    What a powerful message. I believe it to be true because I was already falling into that trap unconsciously not until I decided to take a holiday to take stock of my commitment to God,my family and my true purpose for being here. May God keep us alert. We are in one of the most terrible times in history. I’m really blessed. Your message came at a time I decided to retreat from work to attend to the things that matter most:God,family n purpose.

  195. Igwe sarah nancy Says:

    God help us not to be busy in ur work!

  196. ebony ifeanyi Says:

    Thank u sir for dis postin, I hav just began to look @ things more differently after readin tru dem. God is usin u to unfold a trute many ar yet to discover in d body of christ.. Thank u sir…

  197. Winnie Itohan Chekwas - Anaga Says:

    God’s love for us supersedes all the plans if the devil.As children of grace , we know that God could never allow these conveniences of life if he knew they would take or steal us away from him
    I therefore believe that these things were not created or given to us by Satan because he has no power to create anything
    It’s only we humans who over indulge and manipulate these things until they become like sin or sin in its totality .

  198. Jesusgirl Says:

    God help us so many distractions 4 d youth,especially on the internet..pray 4 us

  199. Ada Says:

    Very true.

  200. Imperial twista Says:

    This is just too necessary for every individual to read.

  201. tolulope christanah rotimi Says:

    dis is realy bitter truth, Lord help me, giv me d grace nt 2 b B.U.S.Y

  202. prince emeka Says:

    I will like u to be sending urf messages to me.thanks a million

  203. alhassan Ishaya Says:

    Christians pls let’s wake up

  204. EZEKIEL Says:

    it’s nt necessary that he must be at the meeting, the Holy Spirit inspires one 2 c tins 2 com. so, this’s a message of watchfulness n prayerfulness 4 heaven bound xtians pilgrims journey against d devices of the satan.

  205. E. Aby Says:

    This is truely wat hv taken over this generation,hmm. GOD have mercy!

  206. david Says:

    PLS READ IT…..Am Pleading!!!

  207. olugemo kayode Says:

    rubbish……total rubbish !

  208. Ijeoma Augusta Ogbonna Says:

    Are u busy?


    this is the right msg for atime like this!!!!! @coach dnt 4get we re not ignoranc of the devices of the devil if ugo against this msg u most be an agent of the devil u beter accept jesus christ as ur lord now b4 u ll be doom by the devil d master of disception & destruction!!! even the devil can’t fool the christains any more not to talk of his agent. if u re 1 repent 2day!!! my God ll bless the writer of this msg amen

  210. may the lord continue to bless,protect and give you more wisdom to share with us. i saw this article at about 6am immediately i woke up and logged into facebook. it really touched me and i almost felt like i had had my mornin prayer and this is God's dial Says:


  211. Grace chundung Danboyi Says:

    U have really said it all,i pray that the almighty God will grant you the wisdom and strenght to expose the plans of satan against the children of God. God bless you

  212. Emma Says:

    God bless you dear…i’ve even had a revelation that looks similar to this. We really need to be careful with the way we do things,lests satan get an advantage of us.

  213. ify Says:

    Somtimes I feel that way,but I always try to pray about it. Thanks so much for the inspiring words.

  214. drogunmola Says:

    Hmmm!!! God help me! Lord I need to spend more time with you!

  215. Miracle Says:

    I am so blessed, your article typify the happenings in many xtian lyf todai may God hlp us all to make ammends.Pls forwrd to me more of ur articles tru my mail.

  216. GABRIEL Says:


  217. Ikenna Ejekam Says:

    This is awesome.thumbs up!

  218. Ifeoma Ibeanuka_Mefor Says:

    Once again d evil strategies of d devil against d chrn of God have been exposed.Surely the church of God will match on &d gates of hell will not prevail against it.Thanks

  219. samson Bobby Zobeashia Says:


  220. tolly Says:

    This is Good! Keep it up.

  221. Tonniey Says:

    This is what is happening in our contemporary world. God, give me the grace neva to b busy when i suppose to be with u in prayer, meditation and bible reading. In The Name Of jesus I Pray. Amen

  222. SABSWORLB Says:

    I pray that God will give us an understanding of the time

  223. emma Says:

    This is tot provoking. Thinkin that we christians are so busy tryin to be our best but satan has before long put out his strategy to make us christians lose out in seekin the face of Him who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light thru His dear son our saviour Jesus. Lord help us.

  224. olanrewaju opeyemi seun Says:

    I pray that God will not allow satan to overcome us. And give us the power to forsake all this worldly atraction which satan is trying to use against us…

  225. John Douglas Says:

    Thank you sir cos i believe God use you to save my family dis morning it was used as a yard stick of our morning prayer critis wil always talk but if dey listen 2 dat inner little voice dey wil knw dey hav also fallen victim of d devils plans and 2 you felow brethren in christ read your bible cos we as christians neglect d creator n folow d created cos d devil was created by God so why nt folow God tru his son Jesus christ may God bless u as u listen 2 him,amen pls snd mrn of dis 2 me i wil share it wit my frnds cos dey need it tank you n may d lord Jesus continue 2 strengten you.

  226. Rassan R. Landi Says:

    The Lord Bless and keep you for doing this Great work for the benefit of his people.

  227. Opeyemi Oniyide Says:

    Thank you very much, these are exactly the tricks of satan to distracts christians from God‘s commands

  228. omole phillips Says:

    I think the devil has succeeded in his plan oooo…wats d way out of d vevils wil?

  229. mukoro okeoghene harry Says:

    This is very true. The schemes of the devil is really taking its toll on christians without them knowing and its making them powerless by the second. Our relationship with God is suffering all in the name of making a living or being busy for nothing. We are losing focus of our priorities which is God and heaven. I myself am a victim. This is the time we christians have to stand up to what God has called us to do which is to make sure the world knows about Jesus. May god help his people not to be swept away by the vanity of life. Amen

  230. timi Shokunbi Says:

    U have really blessed and open my eye to things,may the good lord bless and keep you.Thanks a million bro.

  231. folashade Says:

    God bless you pastor! Thank u so much…….. This is so true! In Lagos, husbands and wives get up as early as 4.30am to catch a staff bus that takes off by 6.00am. The wife would drop the little baby @ d nanny’s and leave d house without dressing well, she makes up her face in d staff bus. Or in d office, d husband see’s d best of other ladies in his own staff bus while other men admires d wife in her own staff bus. They get home around 9.00pm or somethings later than and sit together for some minutes and ask the maid our their baby is doing and sets the alarm to 4.30am and that’s the routine! Crazy right? God we need u!

  232. Bro Amos E Says:

    Well him (satan) may try but i know he can not succeed. why , because i am guided with walls of fire.

  233. adeola amusat Says:

    This is frightening! No wonder there is no revival in our churches & in our lives while di coming of our Lord is imminent!! We r distracted already, Father, help our unbelief & bring us back 2 di old path dat leads 2 di old rugged Cross.

  234. Christopher Says:

    The devil is a LIAR, and his powers can’t prevail against THE LIGHT, cos from the Light cometh his litle powers, which can’t but hurt a fly. Amen

  235. folashade Says:

    Let the Thomas be! He is gradually succeeding in diverting what u wanted to say. Instead of saying thank u, u are focusing on a nonentity! If its not true then leave it and do other things not criticise him. Leave coach abi footballer ni?

  236. jbdaniels Says:

    i think the devil has qiute achieved a sizeable amount of all what he’s set out to do. This is a wake up call to all true christians alll over the world. Its time to “awake to righteousness”. We’ve been too BUSY that we’ve been blinded about the essentials of our spiritual lives. Let’s pray for God’s mercy n grace to awaken us from our BUSY-ness. May God help us.

  237. Funke Says:

    I really lov ur message. Thank a bunch for blessing my life.

  238. Phummy Ashogbon Says:

    Devil u re a liar

  239. john kachi Says:

    This is astonishing, I have 2 b more careful now…

  240. aliu remi Says:

    How busy are u as a xtian? Read nd share wit others.

  241. Christopher Says:

    The question now is ‘how did u find out about this,if you are not one of the demons despached’? And about the devil keeping us ‘busy’ with al these, i say its a BIG LIE, read ‘Ecclesiastes 3:10-13.’ it made it clear there, so you agent of devil, i REBUKE YOU in JESUS name. Amen. Try another angel for you’v lost this part. Ok

  242. luciano Says:

    short of words. . . . .

    • RazorGabs Says:

      Sir, Blackberry (BBM), Twitter, and Facebook has taken all our spare n devotional time. Thank God we can still get ds kind of message 4rm a social media. There is Hope 4 d hopeless.

  243. Grace Dunioh Says:

    hmmm. Seems very true. We all have 2 create time for God cos he gave us time.

  244. Henry Says:

    Am gonna b mor sensitive nw to avoid being ‘BUSY’

  245. Daisi bukola Says:

    The devil is still succeeding

  246. Ebube Says:

    Wow wat a clue on how d devil is really getting his dreams God help us strengthen our relationship with him.

  247. Okey george OJI Says:

    Great to know and understand these things! Of all your getting get Knowledge! many thanks!!

  248. Godwin Maga Says:

    thanks do Mich for this timely mail…stay blessed!

  249. Prince Peace nwosu Says:

    Oh God my Father, I tank u 4 dis revelation, 4giv us our sins nd giv us de grace to discover de mistry in de comin of christ -de cross -de grave -de resuration and his assentn nd 2 know our mission here on earth. Amen

  250. felix.uzuh Says:

    Well we should try and emulate a good life style that will uplift

  251. kazir uthman Says:

    Thank Allah u no dat the devil is wit u.A religion wit no laws wil always b disturbed by the devil.tink nd tke d rit step xtians

  252. Thelma Arusiuka Says:

    Are there really people who don’t believe in the existence of the devil and God? The enemy’s greatest weapon is making God’s children think that he(satan) does not exist… I may not subscribe to the writer’s definition of BUSY but I know the greatest enemy of the devil is MAN. He hasn’t been happy with us since God gave us dominion over him and he will do anything to keep us from thinking of and serving God. @coach- Accept Christ into your life first,let him take control of your life,then with your lips you’d accept that JESUS is LORD. Don’t be fooled,Heaven and Hell is real

  253. Daudy Says:

    God bless u

  254. Jabie Says:

    This’ awesome. Thanks for the wake up call pastor Dale Hill. It’s so amazing some pple still think d bible is a fabrication. May the Lord have mercy on your soul. God bless u all who have read this and have not hardened ur heart

  255. ayotunde orunmuyi Says:

    Hey,Ayo!that’s †ђξ mail U̶̲̥̅̊. Wanted!

  256. Sunday Victor Oluwafemi Says:

    Very eyes opening and inspiring. I would like to share it with family and friends

  257. glory dike Says:

    Thanks for this awareness. We do things without knowing out of ignorance.may God forgive us all.

  258. Ngozi Says:

    It’s awesome the devil has already succeeded in many christian homes.

  259. lawal victor f. Says:

    This is true and inspiring. Its an eye opener. May God bless and to strenghten u. Pls keep it up.

  260. Gifted Says:

    I luv dat xposure, it realy lifted my spirit never 2 b 2 busy and 4get God. How i wish u wil giv me a chance 2 b your member in sharing d word of God. I wish 2 make heaven. I luv jesus christ. God bless u all.

  261. Samuel Says:

    God help xtians
    gud comment

  262. Samuel Says:

    God help xtians. We av 2 b watchful

  263. Kevin Says:

    This is so true! Praying to God to give us the grace to follow him whole heartedly in whatever circumstance we may find ourselves

  264. Adiba Says:

    Thank you for ds awesome word.

  265. Joy Says:

    Ds is serious.

  266. SOLAR Says:

    lord make us instrument of your peace where there is trouble please heal them and break every satanic influences on our homes and businesses.

  267. amanda ada Says:

    This is so educative,God-driven,thanks

  268. Yemisi Adefolaju Says:

    U must read this.

  269. Yemisi Adefolaju Says:

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  270. Prisca Chikwado Says:

    It is very dangerous to be over BUSY to the extend of loosing focus on Spiritual matters.it affects ur spiritual life. Be very conscious of ur time nd manage it well. Give God d best of ur time nd u ll not regret it.

  271. Okechukwu Says:

    U must be a genius o

  272. Frank Says:

    May d almighty God give u more inspiration to write more and as for Coach,God will coach him to undastand real and truthful gospel word.THE WORD OF GOD.

  273. chiag Says:

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  274. Adenuga Temitope Says:

    This is a wake up call to every christian out there. I think we are all just to busy fulfilling the works of the flesh. May the lord have mercy on us. Its a great one.

  275. Finian Says:

    I see this as a timely revelation from the holy ghost and am already working things out in my live in line wth d revelatn.D mesage is clear and noted.God bless u.

  276. Hanifat Ganiyu Says:

    Dis is a msg frm God himself, lets remeber He wunt cum down Himself to warn us, He wil speak through d mouth of His chosen. I really thank God for makin me know Christ n being part of d body of Christ.

    I pray dat as we live our daily lives, we wunt be too BUSY to acknowledge God!

  277. Ayinla bola Says:

    Dis is deep

  278. stanley chuck Says:

    i cant be caught by dat plan!

  279. Adeyemi Opeyemi Adeola Says:

    Real fact of life

  280. Adeyemi Opeyemi Adeola Says:

    God wl deliver us from ds so called B U S Y

  281. Ayuba Bala Says:

    thank God for that inf.God bless u

  282. helen Says:

    this is realy eye-opening,d vital truth remains dat we r in dis world but not of dis world!ur grace,oh lord is al we need

  283. jess Says:

    I really don’t understand this message! You are trying to tell me that technology of all sorts,are all creations of the devil? You’re trying to tell me that,God just wants us to sit home and pray and read the bible 24/7, then how are u supposed to meet ur wife?, how are you supposed to win souls for Christ if we are all at home? Even in the time of old, people went out for recreation so what exactly is the message being passed on? Because I’m not getting u!

    • Deborah Says:

      @ Jess: Oh dear, please don’t get this wrong. That is not what he is saying. This is a parable and it is only the spiritually discerning that can understand it. Please don’t allow your mind to be clouded. This story only illustrates several ways the devil has allowed us to be ‘excessively’ occupied that we no longer consider having QUALITY TIME with God and our family. He did not condemn any of these things useful things of life …work, technology, media etc. Salvation, moderation, life of holiness (I Tim 6:6-7), sensitivity to the Holy Spirit of God, and victory over the devil’s devices are the calls of this message. We are not to be ignorant of his devices (2Cor 2:11). The world today is in a terrible rush in all things. Please do not miss this timely message. I pray that God give us all indept understanding of ALL things and a discerning spirit. It is well with you in Jesus name. None of us shall live in ignorance!

  284. Ogoo Madueke Says:

    Can I get dis as a text message i want 2 send it 2 my husband he doesnt use d web and text is d only way he can read it plsss.,.+2348033948024

  285. Deborah Says:

    God bless you sir. I just posted this as a note on facebook. The time of ignorance is over in Jesus name. We can no longer afford to be ignorant of the devil’s devices. You will never run dry in Jesus name. Great grace! Shalom!!!

  286. ibong Says:

    @ Landon; No,
    he is not tryin to say that, God does not condone laziness but you should not misplace piorities and there should be a degree or extent to how we do everything. For instant, this piece is kind of lenthy and with little print, but u still took. time to read thru, dis is wat a so-called busy and career folks wount do, so take heed lest thy dash thy foot against a stone.

  287. Daniel Says:

    …’And many shall be drawn away… By the affairs of this world… And then the end shall come.
    Great work sir. Christians should have a rethink- if we are going to the same heaven where the heroes of faith went or where the apostles went. God help us to focus on the essentials of life with Him.

  288. Anibe Says:

    Coach or whatsoever u call urself, I can see that u are not happy that the writer has opened up our eyes to see what you (demon) and ur (master) the devil are up to.
    I have a strong believe that u are a demon.
    Pls mind the way you talk and pray to God to open up your eyes to see also.
    Pls accept christ and confess ur sins to him. God bless u

  289. peter godiya Says:

    wat human speak cam strieght 4rm his heart. But if u tink evil u can vomit gud,by their fruit we shal no dem.

  290. Racheal Innocent Says:

    God will help us

  291. Ejike Woryi(daddy jikz) Says:

    Lord Help me nt 2 be BUSY 2 serve YOU

  292. Asikaogu blessing Says:

    Gud revelational message,indeed satan mission is kil,steal,and destroy,bt by God’s grace,we wil overcome them. That is why It rily pay to serve Jesus,kip d good work up,d lord is ur strent.

  293. Ade Samuel Says:

    God bless whoever posted this. Please lets join to build up the great family of Our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. “He is coming soon”

  294. Ogunlade Moses Says:

    I pray that Jesus’ Prayer for us in John 17:9-26 will sustain us to the end in Jesus Name.Amen

  295. OJO PRISCA. Says:


  296. Adeleye Immanuel Says:

    This is simply wonderful! God bless you Sir.

  297. johnson olusegun Says:

    Keep up the good job. You are really saves. God bless

  298. Grace Buan Says:

    Yes, the world and its inhabitants have been totally occupied by the cares of this world. Satan is working out well to do everything to focus mind and time of everyone to distract the people away from GOD’S TRUTH, AND KNOWING HIS WILL AND COMMANDMENTS. Too sad, to see and say, Satan seems to be winning in his bad purpose.
    But let’s not give and hold onto our calling. Strengthen our faith and focus what Joy and everlasting happiness we all, will have in obedience to the One and true God. And let ‘s keep on praying for others, that it is never too late to come to God for repentance. For the Father and Our Lord Jesus is willing to forgive and accept us as His children. Jesus death will not go into naught, for He is mighty to help us in every way, if we call for help.
    With God nothing is impossible.
    May we learn to precious and give importance our calling. And to fulfill our commission as His disciples in spreading the good news of God’s coming Kingdom here on earth.
    God bless us all!

  299. Vivian Says:

    Let’s not b too BUSY 2 hav tym 4 God. (being under satan’s yolk).

  300. ireen Says:

    Our God makes us realise our mistakes but how do we stay away from such things that keep us busy ?

  301. CHRIS Nwaokolo Says:

    Satan is a big time loser. Christians should beware of his devices. Jesus is real; heaven and hell are real too. Please don’t let the devil drag you down into the pit of hell. Create time to be in a relationship with Jesus.

  302. Jefias Says:

    we are nt ignorant of satan’s devices,this article truly reveals e works and strategies of the devil,wneva e enemy z exposed,he wl alwayz get mad at e one wu exposed it,satanists are also here.I urge to continue revealing e works of darkness and the devil and hz demons can go 2 hell.

  303. Kelechi Says:

    Very insightful

  304. Banji Says:

    Wel am vry disappointed in those destructive critics f dis timly article.i tink dis article is nided at dis crucial time 2remind piple how dangerous it is 2 b so engulfed in d tins f d world while d tins f God suffer neglet; supotin d acct. Of Mat. 24 dat piple would bcom lovers of demselfs rather than f God.no doubt satan has in place several strategies especiali in dis end time to kip piple so busy dat d onli time they take hold of their bibles is wen its time 2go 2church.insted f criticisin dis article y not sit up n pray 2God 2giv u His Holy spirit 2lead u in d part of righteousnes ;except if u’r a demon urself

  305. Drdogood Says:

    Well this is a well written piece dat make xtians aware of some spiritual distractions that seem not to matter… But my corncern is dat the authour didn’t sound fictional so hw did he get satans speech? Lolz.

  306. Okafor Chika Vivian Says:

    This is real, & there is truth in every thing that has been said here: may the Lord help us to be busy for him alone. Amen.

  307. Chike Emmanuel Says:

    really a thing of concern cos it seems the plan is working!the quest for materialism has overtaken christians! The innocent ones are rocked by the problem of lack (they keep struggling for ends to meet,no time) .and it even seems more complicated to note that the present church also needs this resources if the gospel evangelism must go on effectively.crusades,reachouts,flyers,tracts,free texts are all done with money!but i guess is just the lost of proper priorities.with the right scale of preference i think tackling this menace will be easier!and the most of all is the holy spirit.most christians lack it and it is a gross vacuum because he not only organises one,s life he directs and drives it!when your life is divinely driven you will evade some mis priority arrangements.he propels and guides your every actions.teaching you which is more important than the other amidst numerous activities at every point.i think every christians prayer in time like this should be ‘ORDER MY STEPS IN YOUR WORD OH LORD’

  308. Morayo Says:

    I want u all 2 remember d teptn of jesus christ in matthew 4vs1-10.so,nobody is above teptn but what will need 2 do is 2 try and overcome it by leaving d tins of d world and hold d piller of God.God will see us through.

  309. victory Says:

    Dis is truth in its plain form.I’m a victim as we all are.may God help us

  310. Nwobodo Says:

    Fellow christains should we allow the devil to win us in this race? I say never

  311. Olayinka Says:

    A good msg at dat, these days men are too busy to stay wt God quietly, i remember wen i was so engrossed in my daily activities n God wanted to speak to me, He sent a MAD woman to give me msg. That was wen i know dat d rlatnship has been strained, i quickly retrace my steps. We too can minimise all d unprofitable activities we are involved in. God wl help us in Jesus name.

  312. ruby Says:

    Is this a true story if it is’how did u get to knw

  313. Dayo Adepeju Says:

    Wow!!! This is quite revealing.May God give us the grace not to be too busy 4 Him

  314. Olosho olaiya Says:

    It’s a true because what you people wrote is aplicable to all christian including me

  315. Ade Samuel Says:

    God help all of us

  316. Adekoya oluwafemi Says:

    It wont b lng b4 hs plans r foild.dats why w v d holyspirit n our cnscience 2 guide us

  317. VICTOR OKEOWO Says:

    I am guilty of it all! Today is my day of freedom. “And ye shall know the truth……….”

  318. kupolati kehinde joseph Says:

    Please pray for me, I need God to save me through is son jesus christ; shalom

  319. Afolabi Dave Dave Says:

    My name is Afolabi Dave, in Lagos Nigeria.
    I love ur ministry and I want to b part of it
    To quickly d weary heart of d just
    To keep on preparing 4 d eternity
    Not to b too busy with d worldly things
    Please I want to know more about ur ministries
    Also am a christian
    In mountain of fire and miracles ministries
    An experienced sound engineer
    Thanks and God bless ur ministries in Jesus name

  320. Rosemarie Says:

    God please save this generation!!!

  321. Constance Says:

    Wil neva b too busy again to seek e power of God

  322. donizzy Says:

    May God bless this puplishment anyway, what ever be it…whether uou accept this facts or not!..christians are admonished to stay in touch with God( the connection) and have God at mind in things we do. May God just give us the grace and power to do his commanment in JESUS name Ammmennnnn!

  323. Peter ochoche Says:

    The devil has been succesful to an extent, but thank God for the presence of the holy spirit on earth. But in all these things, We are more than conquerors. That’s the power of emmanuel (GOD WITH US)

  324. Amazing promise Says:

    O tnks 4 dis msg…..dis is exactly dsame msg we were taught in d sunday school class 2day…… I pray dat God helps our spirit man 2 ascept God’s word n b more committed 2 His service. Tnk U Lord Jesus

  325. Tawanda Says:

    If we let hm he wil thank you for the eye opener

  326. Jumoke Says:

    Likes your site

  327. Ajayi shina joel Says:

    I pray that God should help us because all these plans had successed in the world

  328. Tosin Says:

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  329. Godswill Says:

    The devil has not succeeded. He ma come up with strategic idears, but Our Dear loving and caring God is actually the Master Planner. The truth is, God is superior than any great plans or arrangement dat foolish devil can com up with.

  330. Rorisang Chelsea Sibanda Says:

    This is ecxatly what is happening in m church.People gossip & even sleep @ church.My parents are also always busy even on weekends.These are jst signs of the coming of JESUS.

  331. prince mpofu Says:

    it is indeed true everyone is always busy these days

  332. Perfect Moyo Says:

    Thanks 4 the sharering this with us. Can you direct me where you get that information, I’d love to no more about these cruel plans of the devil so I can no how to overcome them

  333. adetutu s. adedeji Says:

    i tink is working

  334. Grace ngozi nwana Says:

    Dis is mind joggling. Keep d good work of faith up. God bless u.

  335. Grace ngozi nwana Says:

    I hope nd pray dat a lot will benefit frm dis post despite wot d likes of coach think. Dey lact imaginative creativity. God bless u.

  336. Thompson Says:

    Y is dis satan always tryin to seperate Humans from d Love of GOD ALMIGHTY?satan is always challenging GOD’s Authority.satan should knw that GOD is ALMIGHTY.even though I have sinned against GOD,of which am vry sorry,GOD is No. 1 in my Life.GOD ALMIGHTY be my GOD always

  337. Temitope Says:

    Keep prayin for d nations so that we nt end up in HELL

  338. Sammie Says:

    A powerful, thought provoking piece has been interpreted the wrong way by some. I won’t even talk about that one. My comment is for the idiot called Stewart who said God doesn’t exist and the Bible is a fabricated story. I wonder if you have ever seen a copy of the Bible. Bcos if u have, u would know it’s not a “story”. It is a fool who says there is no God. I’m sure u fashioned yourself and caused yourself to be. you’d better repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior while acknowledging the awesome power of God.

  339. presesa peter Says:

    Wow,dis is lovely n d simple fact,more to ur able….

  340. Faith Treasure Says:

    I appreciate this. May God please give us his children greater strategies to overcome satan’s evil strategies.

    • bukola Says:

      Honestly bros,ds is wht exactly derail us (xtian)4rm God presence 2 hv His blessings,God wil continue 2 bless u richly good,ds is 9ce.

  341. purity Says:

    Thankyou for ths message, may God see us through, am a victim of such a busy life but from today ill call upon God almighty to help me live according to his will, this wil be a difficult thing for us to do but the lord says try Me n it shal b done, several small steps makes one climb high on the ladder, wil try n leave the earthly things…God bles s u abundantly

  342. kamau kinyanjui Says:

    speechless that all you have said is true and it involves our daily life.

  343. Linda Umego Says:

    Think about this.

  344. Adeolu Samuel Says:

    This amazing and the truth every christian must read to guide is life.

  345. amarachi Says:

    i was under this yoke, though am not totally free yet but i am working on it! the devil is definitely a liar…….e no go work for una

  346. Akintayo Says:

    this is a nice work for GOD. Jesus will bless us all.

  347. Tumelo Mokone Says:

    Mst read

  348. Gordon Says:

    There is no greater timely exposition of the subtle devices of satan. Christains are blinded to this because they are niether sober nor vigilant. The manipulative powess of satan has its main power rooted in the ordinary things of life which takes away attention from the manipulator as effects are seen as ordinary ways of life. It is difficult for us to realise that these things everybody is doing & is seen as ways of life is powered by satan aimed to cause us to derail. He who have ears, let him hear what the spirit is saying.

  349. Paul etifit Says:

    Terrible.I knew satan’s scheme & devices.I wil mak it 2d end Lord Jesus

  350. kwash Says:

    awesome stuf! Its beta 2 say am occupied btwn such n such a tym, than being under satans yoke

  351. Nelson Says:

    This message is just to real,looking around you you would see dat satan has engage many so called christian with non-gainful activites. How i wish many wil be able to read dis article it wil really help many to take or take back their stand in christ

  352. Bamigbola Titilope Says:

    Its not by power, its not by might, by d spirit sayz d lord.

  353. sam Says:

    D TRUTH IS SAID let pray and stop CRITICISM. dat could b devil @ work again. GOD HELP US

  354. Abel manari saleh Says:

    I’m really gratefull to God Almighty for revealing this facts,I’m blessed really and my prayer is that we christian fix our gaze on christ

  355. alphonse kingori Says:


  356. Gracious tsuro Says:

    Thank you somuch for your message let us take this seriously God loves us that’s why hs senging people like this man of God to warn us of the dangers ahead of us especially us christians

  357. Jerry Obinna Idu Says:

    Thanks alot for d message! May d Holy Spirit continue to enrich u wit more knowledge & wisdom…

  358. tunde Says:

    may God deliver us

  359. David Abraham Says:

    I thank God, the father of our Lord jesus christ, who has made it possible to be a living witness to have a reveletn that money can’t buy. Lord i pray this day that the deviil will not get me tooo bussy for You O Lord. IJMN. Amen.

  360. Fortune Odesanya Says:

    I refuse to be ‘busy’. I’ll live for Jesus, day after day. Help me o Lord.

  361. dis I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ really an eye opener!!!! Says:

    God bles u for d powerful word!which makes us to redeem the time cos d days are evil!!!it makes us more sober&vigilant in our walk with God!!!

  362. Peter Umaru Says:

    I think dis d best we can all see our nakedness in life and d opportunity we have given d devil 2 easily ride on us.Thank God 4 people like and indeed website like dis 2 remind us once again.Bless u.

  363. Obah Emamoke Says:

    I will Love to Download it

  364. Olatoye Abdulwasiu Olayinka Says:

    I’m a Muslim though, but this article is really an overview of how distant most of us are to God. Thanks expect more reminder write-ups from you. Ma salam(shalom/peace).


    This is true bcos dis strategy is really working.

  366. Phil A. Says:

    True but timely. The devil is not happy for unveiling the truth, little wonder he uses the likes of coach to disuade people. Lord Jesus, give us the GRACE to follow you to the END.

  367. Aiyegbenin Justice.. Says:

    The Devil is just a proper fool.. If actually thinks he can win dis battle.. he is just a proper looooossseerrr… The lord is our refuge and strength.. JESUS IS THE LORD..

  368. Ntokozo Sibonelo Dube Says:

    This is really true n we have lost the relationship we had with our Lord,this is the time for us to arise n do something to gain that gud relationship with our Saviour,lets use every opportunity we have to get closer to Jesus n our families,God will strengthen us n revive n restore unto us all that the devil has stolen. This is rly touching

  369. nnamdi Says:

    Satan ‎​Ȋ̝̊̅§ powerless

  370. Ngozi kalu ukwu Says:

    This is what is happening to christians,but God will see us tru.

  371. Aina Kehinde Michael Says:

    May God save our Soul from the of the Devil

  372. Samuel Buba Awak Says:

    Keep busy doing God’s work

  373. omolona abioye ige emmanuel Says:

    no one is clean enough to escape d lucifer trouble, that acient serpent, bros devil aka deciver. except for d word of CREATOR that says bleesed is he to whom the LORD GOD count no iniquities. by HIS wound to dwuel among the living and gave up HIS PRECIOUS LIFE @ the age of 33 we were healed, more than a conqueror.

  374. ernie Says:

    Dis is rili enlightening…
    Its great, it makes 1 sit still and think bout Life and 1’s surrounding

  375. lele Says:

    I think so

  376. Awofeso Idowu Says:

    i have always had questions abt the balance btw work and fellowship, thank God this came at the ryt tym to make adjustment….. Thank u Jesus.

  377. Adele Confidence Says:

    Happy for getting a message like this.Lucifer can’t bring down God’s army down!Pls hold God strongly

  378. Collins Says:

    Nice n perfect

  379. Emmyluv Umoh Says:

    May God almighty bless, guide and keep the one who brought out this link. And I do hope that christians on facebook will read this. No wonder the Bible says that ” in the last days, the love of many shall wax cold”. So, I pray God to direct everyone of us and make our love for Him to wax hot and stronger. I love you all and God bless.

  380. Morayo Says:

    I want u 2 rember d teptn of jesus christ in matthew4vs1-10.so nobody is above teptn but what we need is 2 try and overcome it by leaving d tins of d world and hold d piller of God.He will see us through.

  381. Emmyluv Umoh Says:

    May God almighty bless, guide and keep the person who brought out this link. And I do hope that christians on facebook will read this. No wonder the Bible says that ” in the last days, the love of many shall wax cold”. So, I pray God to direct everyone of us and make our love for Him to wax hot and stronger. I love you all and God bless.

  382. Mrs Afolabi Says:

    Lord pls help me.

    • Dorna Johnson Says:

      This is a timely warning, and I pray Christians all around the world heed God’s mouth piece to His church, for Jesus Christ is coming soon. \let us be vigilant and watchful in prayer, and Pastor continue to blow God’s warning trumpet. And He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

  383. julius Says:

    God please help us d youths to love and hv more time for you.

  384. Jibrin Says:

    This is more than exposition

  385. Reginald Says:

    May God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ give us grace to outsmart the enemy “amen”.

  386. Johnnychris Omojuwa Says:

    A believer?! Here is WISDOM for POSITIVE living, allow God’s Spirit in YOU . . !

  387. Patricia Onuchukwu Says:

    B.U.S.Y…… Being Under Satanic York. To be candid, this article is an eye opener to us christians of the evil plans & gimmicks of satan to destroys us. Nowadays, every one is in a rush & haste to make money, meet appointments, business contacts, various meetings, events parties e.t.c. Thereby neglecting their relationship with God & love & time for the family. The rush to become overnights millionaires, billionaires & trillionaries. Just to be noticed & heard.

    A lot of young marriages & homes is broken as a result of these, people no longer care, they have lack the senses of reasoning, all this are satanic devices. To coach & d other guy, believe the Lord your God, u shall be established; believed his prophets you shall prosper( 2 Chron. 20:20). Receive understanding from above. A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE. THOSE WHO HAVE EARS, LET THEM HEAR. Man of God, may GOD increase your anoiting. Amen!

  388. orabueze obinna Says:

    The story is not dat al…..,but the massage it conveyed is supperb

  389. Dannette Says:

    For sure e devil is @ work. Let’s wake up children of God!!!

  390. Lorraine Taylor Says:

    This is an eye-opener.. Bless you..

  391. nigel mavhurudza Says:

    thats a million tyms true,God help us

  392. oforma julius Says:

    It is only by the grace of God that we can overcome Devil and its deceptive tendency .So all ye children of God ;pray for Gods graces on one another so that we will be able to fight devil and its agents, that is parading the world and destroying people and institutions.

  393. simone Says:

    Every human being is entitled to their opinion…
    I am disappointed in my fellow christians who wre quick to call stewart and coach satanists, they just have a dfrnt way of viewing things
    The message the Man of GOD is sharing is viewed differently by each and evry person..so u should be ashamed of yourselves..
    To stewart and coach I apologise on these peoples behalf

  394. Kate Says:

    Th trth f th mater z yes it hs bn sucesful coz w alown ourslvz t b t busy for God let us nt thnk tat hes a winner lets mk God proud f us n put th devil 2 shame

  395. Brian tembo Says:

    thanx man

  396. Presh Says:

    Yah!! Well said, the devil is a deceiver and manupulator. Let’s come together and fight!! To God be the Glory for He’s worthy!!

  397. ray Says:

    this is an awesome revelation

    • Bacala Says:

      All dat hs bn said on e article reflect e reality of life, n how life hs turned 2 b 2 most christian. Honest, we’v bn busy 4 God, actually knowing what e devil s seeking 2 do does nt make u devil conscious bt rather makes you devil’s area of threat. The bible says ‘ see then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise redeeming the time, beause the days are full of evil’ (Eph 5:15). Thnx writer 4 awakening us!!

  398. Adewunmi Adegoju Says:

    Thank God for this divine expose! You know my advise,let us come out with practical strategies to counter that within our capacities as body of Christ.Right now the whole world is drifting into very last end time prediction that is affecting the church too.You know,we need spirit-inspired strategies like that of Joseph to keep the saint alive to the coming of Christ regardless of Satanic conspiracy now or in the future.Any one of you that share this passion,let share through my email: adepastor2004@yahoo.com.Thank you all!

  399. Tankavick Says:

    This is jus tru we shld be careful e way we live our lives coz e devil is on e goal to pull us down

  400. Lincoln sibanda Says:

    Its true tym z wastin away

  401. Bethel ndala Says:

    Wow this is very powerful and its very true,it even links with the bible verse from revelations which says in the last days,’men will run to and fro and knowledge wil increase’..thank u for the link pliz continue to sent such powerful links,may GOD bless u!

  402. tafadzwa mungofa Says:

    hmmm! BUSY

  403. Bevean M.K. Says:

    Vry true, God hlp us

  404. stinashe Says:


  405. Popocent Michael Says:

    This is powerful! Thank God for this

  406. Cynthia Says:

    Uuuuuummmm this moved and I thank God for using you in such a mighty way. I pray that everyone that reads this will be touched and will actually rethink and change thier priorities….. Thank u Jesus for this

  407. Anesu Says:

    Thanx i needed that…

  408. Paminous chepiri Says:

    Yep this is so touching.i dont want to be busy from nw onwards

  409. mbonisi mabhena Says:

    awesome brother kip it up

  410. admire Says:

    agree with most of the insights but this seems lyk u appealing to christians in the 90s bcoz ryt nw there are no more cassettes bt extremely cheap social sites facebook.tweeter.whatsapp etc we can actually be friends with any1.and communicate with any famous pple without need to travel…talking bwt morden telepathy phew.

  411. Nqobile ncube Says:

    Powerful message to all christians.

  412. Peter Says:

    Qyt inspiring,i’m blessed

  413. Aldridge chiwanga Says:

    That is what the world needs the truth and the truth only. people lyk coach need 2 be awakened since they are sleepin on a ticking time bomb.christ needs us 2 go bek 2 the christianity of the roman empire times were they lived 4 nthin but 2 serve the lord jesus christ

  414. prosper Says:

    I think its tym to show the devil that he is a complete lya,lets go out there and fight the devil by preaching the word of coz we are running out of tym lets defeat the devil dear christians

  415. solo Says:

    this is realy a wake up call to sme of us thnx for the message.

  416. Ratidzai Says:

    True that eish!

  417. kudzaibazari Says:

    Eish mahwani.Lord help us

  418. kelvin Says:

    This is true so christians lets watch out the devil uses anything to steal our time

  419. chiedza mashon murecha Says:

    SATAN URIMBWAAA,ine muswe wepranga!!!!!

  420. Memory Nyevedzanai Says:

    Great is our God

  421. busie sibanda Says:

    jus got releaved after reading this msg.God is there!i believe n i olwaiz did.i waz too buzy to talk God,i’ve done so many sinful things,sometymz i wish i could confess to bt i cldnt.from today im giving myself tym pray,tym to talk to him,im giving myself to God becoz without God my life z totally empty.thanx pastor for the msg u made my night.m willing to spread this to as many people as i can.

  422. busie sibanda Says:

    God z really great guys.his name shall be praised Amen.lets pray for God to grant us the wisdom to know the difference btwn the good n the bad,to giv us strength n power to conquer this useless monster.go to hell satan n ur agents!!!!!im a child of God.Amen

  423. Donna N Says:

    What an eye opener , I wonder if ey wer nt behind facebook.

  424. simangaliso Says:

    nothing is imposble wit JESUS e devil is a liar

  425. batsirai Says:

    so insightful.

  426. batsirai Says:


  427. Micheal Says:

    Dis is revealing and wil help a long way winning souls bck to christ startin frm I.

  428. clarence nyamuzuwe Says:

    really touching .its happening may all pipo read seek the Lord for restoration!

  429. Fa Says:

    Its funny how quickly the message behind this is forgotten. People attacking each other and calling each other names,quite sad. This article is SO true on many levels. Some are over the top but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye. I’m one of those who tends to be ‘busy’ a lot, with work,with life,with fun,and God gets how much of my day? Not much. Those who were rubbed the wrong way by this read,you know why! And the rest of us, let’s just try harder. My Drama group actually did a play based on something like this a few weeks ago,I don’t doubt that satan is busy plotting how to destroy us. And judging from a lot of comments here,including mine,he’s doing pretty well!

  430. Annabella Says:

    That is so true.prayer and reading the bible is what makes us grow each day.

  431. moses Says:

    I didn’t know thank you Pastor, I have a bible on my phone but I can’t read it I spend most of my time on Facebook

  432. Marjory Magwenya Says:

    the devil, satan yu re a lier, i love my God and i hv time with Him, i wil die Praising Worshipng my Lord

  433. alice daka Says:

    so touching

  434. kumbirai fansiku Says:

    powerfull msge,down with satan

  435. Taiwo John Says:

    I refuse to be entangled with the things of this world.

  436. Alice garikai Says:

    Its our duty as christians nt 2 let satan succeed

  437. kelvin Says:

    Let’s fght satanic powers and stay strong

  438. Tatenda pamela samuel Says:

    Thnx 4 de teaching,satan iz a lier and hz a looser

  439. Tonderai succeed chimani Says:

    Many man are victims of this traumatic act of devil. Thank God, you manage to dig it out for us to see. I wil advese others

  440. meeeee Says:

    this is powerful and may we all now see where we get it wrong in life, taking these things for granted. thanks be to His name, God Almighty, Jesus Christ

  441. kay Says:

    (“Even in your church
    u use TV, VCR, CD,
    even listen to radio, and
    u pastor have borrowed
    money before, and your
    church operates for over
    12hours every day. The
    universe is watching u
    pastor. Repent”)

    it is true that pastors do watch tv etc. What are they watching: is it ponography, ungodly musics and movies?
    Are they watching when they suppose to be reading bible and doing some other good things.

    (“were you in the
    meeting? if yes, then u
    must be one of the
    devil’s demons. if no,
    how did u know about
    this convention and the

    Poin of correction: venue was not mentioned in the post.

    Psalm 121:4
    Behold, he that keepeth
    Israel shall neither
    slumber nor sleep.

    If God does not sleep His enemy won’t sleep.
    What are the enemy doing when they are not sleeping: watching tv?

    John 10:10
    The thief cometh not,
    but for to steal, and to
    kill, and to destroy: I am
    come that they might
    have life, and that they
    might have it more

    Before thief will go to steal he will 1st plan it.

    Before Jesus came there were plans and meeting in Heaven.
    Demons will not go to work without having meetings with their master wich is satan.

    God bless the master poster, God bless u that tackle and me that put light.

    I am kay from west africa

  442. sonny Says:

    God bless you. You have lightened me up. I will pass this message to my friends,family and everyone who can read.Peace.

  443. Helen Says:

    Wow!so many xtians re so BUSY truely.may God help us in JESUS NAME.Amen

  444. Joseph Says:

    Ths’s powerfl.
    Whoever irritated by this must be a member!

  445. Godfrey Huruva Says:

    Ds z serious take tym t read t u might get smthn out of it

  446. tafadzwa gambiza Says:

    B- eing U- nder S- atan’s Y- oke (B.U.S.Y)

  447. Chukwuka Says:

    Thanks, God wants to use you to make us have a re-think over our lives. This is exactly what is going on today in the lives of many.

  448. rondy Says:

    Its quite horrible hw hard people are striving to get all of these material things,a person can actually sit down and watch a 24hour season movie bt is abominable to him spending two hours is church service,let he who has ear listen to what the spirit says to the church

  449. Phyllismavushe Says:

    Thank you i think i ws a victim too.

  450. tinashe nyabadza Says:

    this is so powerful pastor thank u so much

  451. semwayo Says:


  452. tinashe nyabadza Says:

    i guess i have to pas on this message to my friends

  453. Kimberly chigwedere Says:

    The devil is in trouble 4 sure,t just shows dat ere a nw more and more prayer warriors wch z destructng e kingdow of e devil,but hes always a losser,no weapon formed against me shall prosper,thank god we nw knw e devils plan hey,nw we knw hw 2 deal w all situations that cme our way.loser devìl.

  454. tapiwa simba Says:

    This truly is a must read. God bless you guys for the amazing work you are doing

  455. Igwe Francis Agalasis Onyebuchi Says:

    Pls christians b carefu about what critics say after hearing or reading messages like this. Do not mind them but watch your relationship with God. Even if Christ should come and warn people,men(even so called christians) would critisize and even kill Him again. BEWARE an always Be Under the Saviour’s Yoke(be BUSY!).

  456. Themba Says:

    tht was a powerful peice. Pliz hw cn l get mo of ths stuf, rily nid ths?

  457. Amos Says:

    Hey this is verey good , i have learn from this scripter . It is true that dimons thay can over control your life that thay can win you . If you usealy pray every day thay can come in your mind and say , nomatter you can stop praying to day , all prayers you prayd long back up to now it can keep you safe , which is not true , pray your lord God evry time every day he will comfort you . Thank very much God bless you have a nice time .

  458. Barbara Says:

    Satan is aloser&will always be a loser.lets just pray without ceasing,God is in control.

  459. Ken Says:

    Whtevr th issue.christians we hv bcom busy bodies&its tru ths can be a tool frm th pit of hell.whthr its social,psychological or demonic the issue remains we hv fallen let us raise th standard.God th spiritual realm is watchng.thx bro 4such insights.

  460. Progress Says:

    How was ur love for me is it afected? But don’t let the love for christ be affected even if ur love for me is affected I still love you and nothing more, but remember Christ Love u more than I do my friend.

  461. fortunate chauraya Says:

    leets keep fighting the devil’s plan

  462. sifiso twala Says:

    the Lord always wins,in ol satan’s tricks,God stands out victorious…glory b to God.

  463. Stephen Osuji Says:

    U r certainly correct. We are just to busy over thing that r not relevant to the growth of the soul but to the physical self…severing us from our maker our God

  464. Augustine Says:

    scary stuff!bin too busy myself

  465. jack Says:

    Yep , the devil has been pulling a fast one on us its a pity we didn’t realise this soon. And it all makes sense, that’s y the lord wanted us to meditate his word day and night. Psalm 1:1-6

  466. Nonso Says:

    This is a good essay, urging us to be sensitive in the spirit…



  468. Kidoh Says:

    True dat. . .

  469. Mathew Adekunle Says:

    Words of the cross to them that perishes is foolishness but to them that are saved power of God.

  470. Olayinka Bernice Says:

    Thanks for the awareness. May God increase you. Please keep me notice always..

  471. Nombuso khoza Says:

    Wow im sooo glad we being informed abwt diz liar…. Make sure he doesnt take control ova ur lyf and be glad da lord always has a way of letting u find out da truth *thank u lord*

  472. ree-anne mogashoa Says:

    Lord have mercy!

  473. Daramola Oluwabunmi Says:

    If ¶​​ refuse to comment on diz post it means ¶​​ dnt knw Jesus…. Who ever dat migth av writen diz ¶​​ pray G. O. D™ will never take ur brain… Let ♍ƺ quickly pass it so ¶​​ can save  victm

  474. Lindokuhle Says:

    Satans thinks he’s gonna win,y doesnt he learn 4rm hs past nd present with Jesus,God is worthy nd nothing will change dat

  475. mahlodi Says:

    do not let the devil keep u busy now i know why ppl say we now leave in a busy time*morning brethenes*

  476. Sibusiso Ngobeni Says:

    If only we were busy serving God everyday then we were to know of his righteousness and be saved from the Devil.

  477. Idowu temmy Says:

    For me that is true ,we can see all these things with physical view. I know that the blood of Jesus will save us

  478. Ngonidzashe Mutara Says:

    God exists.Nature and even us,it shows that we come from somewhere. There is God,it is only through a revelation that one will come to know Him deeper.

  479. kemi Says:

    I Guess this is a warning to anybody that has ear to listen. The end indeed has come. I believe this is a message for us to ponder on and adjust our ways. The world requested the church to come and join her and the church replied ” I can not come and join you because I am called the body of Christ and have been purchased with the precious blood. Then, the world replied thus ” Don’t worry church, if you can not come and join me, there is nothing bad in me joining you! So, the world finally crept into the church thereby making the church WORLDLY. This message is a practical thing that is common to virtually all of us that we claimed to be xtians. Let us check our lives and ways if we are not BUSY indeed!!!

  480. Chinedu Says:

    Busyness has been a major concern for us, even the unbellievers go through the sane thing. But God has called us out to be seperated unto him. A chosen people, We should be mindful of the times that we are in, and the devil adopts subtle ways to distract us from our pursuit for Christ. We should create times for recharging n refreshment in God’s presence everyday.

  481. daniel Says:

    The issue is we are too busy today doing things that don’t matter too much…lets learn the lesson and not take this article for a joke…the devil is making us too busy to even study the word of God….the last part said you be the judge. Lets judge if we are being too busy with unnecessary things….God bless us we should work but not working and forgetting God….we should watch tvs but not have all our time to it and if we manage our spending we wouldn’t need borrow…

  482. Olutola toyin Says:

    Its a good thing to be reminded of this, i personally have rob myself of quality time with God through social networks. He that hath ears let him hear. Thanks for this eye opener.

  483. Stanley sam Says:

    Pls, post the copy (busy) to my email. The vision is a heavenly minded one 4 heavenly minded people. It is real 4 real people. Keep on the voice.

  484. Emmanuel Nesiama Says:

    Your message is well taken. Don’t mind the critics they will always be there. These group of persons want to justify their worldly desire. I hope by this people will judge themselves so they won’t be judged. God Bless you.

  485. Iwuoha Moses Says:

    I pray that God opens de eyes of his people to see thieving Satans strategy.

  486. Feyisayo Lawalson Says:

    More power and grace of God for you Man of God. I dnt knw you but God knws you and he would never leave nor forsake you Sir… Stay blessed Pastor!!!

  487. primrose sithole Says:

    so true

  488. Makado k Says:

    I like this awakening message and would love to have it on my email for me to share it.

  489. joe Says:

    please read

  490. sunny eloke okolugbo Says:

    The attacle has a great message within it and the truth it unveils regardless of whatever mode or condition it met you.

    Thanks anyways

  491. amaka nsofor Says:

    I totally agree with Adebayo, dis post is an illustration the writer has used to call us back to reality Jesus Christ while on earth used a lot of illustrations to drive home his points, remember d parables of d prodigal son? D ten foolish virgins? Etc. The devil is working hard to pull us away from Christ and dat is exactly wot d writer is trying to tell us.
    The point here is, create more time for Jesus if u aint doing so and let Him take it up frm there. Nobody is saying put a halt to your life but even in our busy schedules let’s find time quality time indeed for God.
    May God help us all, Amen

  492. Idorenyin Nyoyoko Says:

    This is so touching. It is good to know the truth. Thanks for the message. God bless you.

  493. ras toritseju oritsebinone Says:

    We actually need such truths-simple but effective-from time to time to shock us into the reality we fade away from.
    Ironically, most of these issues you discuss are so glaring yet we find ourselves stumbling through life without dealing truthfully with them.
    However, this is one of such articles/write-ups that does justice to our failure to confront truth.
    Thanks once again, I was touched by this.

  494. Eturhobore Queen Says:

    Dis is really a revelation 4rm GOD. GOD bless u 4 sharing dis wit all. May GOD increase ur knowledge in JESUS name AMEN

  495. Peter Says:

    Pls send to my email.
    I want to repost it.

    God bless d writer,

  496. Dale Hill Says:

    For those of you who want to copy this, first try to highlight the message and then copy it from your screen. I think this should work.

  497. Bishop Says:

    There are things we can’t run from the fact that we are sinners either being busy or fate that if we die in such life style we won’t make heaven……………..what is the way forward the coach has laid a plain truth before us all it now ours to say to our heart on what to do and what not to do……………..Safe trip in the journey of life.

  498. Sokefun Emmanuel Says:

    This is a real eye-opener. Ãήϑ it’s true, I’m sad to say.

  499. Oluwapelumi Ogunbunmi Says:

    God bless you greatly for being a voice of God! I just re-posted this right now

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