Some misguided people think that God wants us to know that He is angry with us for what we have done; but that is simply not true. The most famous verse in the Bible says otherwise.


My book, “A GRACE PRIMER” is gaining traction.

Two people who have resisted the pure grace message all of their Christian life (like I did) gave me encouraging reports.

One said, “Wow! I’ve never looked at it that way. Now it makes sense.”

I am grateful for that kind of feedback, but I also know that it is not the book so much as the timing of the Holy Spirit. He was able to use the book as a tool to bring that person further along in revelation.

Both people said they are going back to read it the second time.

One said, “It’s a fast read, but there is so much to absorb I need to read it a second time.”

You can find it on Amazon in print and Kindle here.


Paul warned the early church about the possibility of losing their freedom.