Practical Bible Teaching is MOVING

I am moving my long-standing blog from WordPress to Weebly. I have enjoyed my relationship with WordPress, but am moving all my different internet presences to the Weebly platform. WP does not allow for audio or video uploads without significant cost to do so. Weebly allows this option for free (though I have purchased the upgrade to better suit my purposes for my other blogs and websites).
WP has many nice features, some of which I will probably miss by making this transition. But, I feel the need to have audio/video capabilities–even though I do not have anything in that format at present. I guess I should say I want the option available if I need it.
So, for the time being, I will post my Practical Bible Teaching thoughts on both blog platforms. I will probably only do this for about six more posts after this one.
I want to give those of you have been following the WP blog an opportunity to make the transition by clicking on the RSS Feed button at the new site. This will allow you to have this blog delivered to your inbox whenever I post.

Click here to get to the new site. And then click the RSS Feed to have the new site available to your e-mail.

I thank you for your interest in what this servant has to offer the Body of Christ and pray that you will continue to grow in the knowledge, grace, and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Snow Event

We’ve had our first major snow event of the season. When I went out this morning to measure, I had to break through the crust of ice that had formed due to the sleet at the end of the day. I’ve heard that sleet causes the snow to decrease somewhat.

So, I measured 2 1/2 inches, which means that it was more like the 3 inches we guessed at yesterday from our kitchen window.

Snow is beautiful, if a bit impractical.

These are black and whites with a blue filter.

out to the far corner of the yard

out to the far corner of the yard

view from back door

view from back door


What a beautiful day!

We were predicted to have snow and ice beginning about 4am. Didn’t start until after 7. But, WOW! did it start!

Coming down heavily and beautifully.

Snow is beautiful–but impractical. Unless, of course, you’re a kid off from school with a sled.

Everything is white and the silence is deafening. I love it. Always have.

The amazing thing is the difference between here in the Northeast and the Southwest. Where we lived in Missouri, we had to wait until the storm passed before any trucks came out with plows and/or salt. Here, however, the trucks begin within an hour of the first snowfall.

Now, here is the really wild thing about that. In MO I lived on a county highway that was a major thoroughfare. Here, I live at the end of a lane. The truck has to make a turn around in front of my house to go back up the street. In MO it was no problem.

In Missouri, schools shut down with the threat of snow. Here, it is business as usual–unless a blizzard comes in.

I know that it takes money to run the trucks, and provide the cinder and salt. Here in PA we are taxed for everything, and that helps provide the necessary funds.

Right now, it is coming down as a three-fold mix: snow, sleet, and rain–all at the same time. I guess the clouds are at different levels, but all full and in need of emptying.

We made our mandatory trip to the store–just to see if we could make it 🙂 It was tough getting back up the hill, but we made it safely.

Now, we are in for the day, and Gracie is busy in the kitchen putting together the Christmas gifts of mix that I just made.

This is a good day.

Back At It!

Thanks for staying with this.

We are back from our trip. It was basically uneventful, except for the the night we were getting into town. Freezing rain began to settle into SW MO, which made driving rather difficult. We were getting there just after dark, so the bridges were freezing. Made it without incident.

Then came the hard work of trying to load heavy tools onto an ice-covered trailer bed. What fun! I’m pushing, but only my feet were moving. I was essentially dancing with a five-foot tall drill press. Made for some interesting video, that, thankfully, we didn’t get.

Now, we are back in PA. The trailer is unloaded, and the borrowed vehicle is returned. Our daughter-in-law let us use her Ford Expedition for the week. It was great for the trip and is a workhorse.

Timber, our dog, enjoyed the long hours on the road. She travels well. She is always excited to get out and check out the new smells at every stop. She gets out of the car and immediately sticks her nose to the ground and takes off. Doesn’t even look up to see other dogs.

Hopefully, I can get back into taking care of the blog. I have the Blogged Bible Study for this week, which is John 21. It will be the last post for that study. I was blessed to be a part of that group of people who have such a heart for the Lord. I am still a part, still visit their blogs as I was doing before I was invited to share, and they are still connected. We just won’t be doing a disciplined study at this time.

Many are trying to get me to be an active part of FaceBook, but as of yet, I cannot see the value in it. I have a profile up, and have ‘friends’ who have linked. But, it appears to me that the goal is to get more ‘friends’ than anyone else. There doesn’t seem to be any real purpose to the “social networking” sites. I can post the same entries on this blog that I can post on FaceBook. Maybe someone reading this can enlighten me further.

Out of The Office


Thanks for stopping by.

Gracie and I have gone to SW Missouri for the week to sign papers for selling the little farm.

I probably won’t be able to post anything this week.

Don’t forget the other writers on the Blogged Bible Study who also have the Spirit of the Lord.

We should be back up and running next week.

Settling In

We are settling into our little house in Coal Township, PA. It is less than half the size of what we left in Missouri–both land and house. And, true packrats that we are, we returned to MO to retrieve some of the ‘necessities’ that we left behind. I think the trip cost us more than it would have to simply replace the things we thought we needed. Lesson learned.

We are busy trying to unpack and place things into this house that we are now making into our home. I built a wall of shelves before we left and we’ve brought back our books. I’ll need to build more shelves! Gracie and I are both readers, and we don’t like to part with our books (2 Tim. 4:13).

My dog, Timber, went with us on this last trip. She is glad to be back here and settling in with the two cats. I am not happy with the fact that we can’t let Timber run loose like we did on the farm. She has to be tied out whenever she wants to go outside. However, it seems that she is quite content becoming a housedog. She’s getting old and likes to sleep most of the time anyway.

We have not yet had much of a chance to get out and meet our neighbors, or to learn about the town in which we live. That time will come soon enough. I’m looking forward to it.

I am scheduled to preach again in the little country church we met in before. I have asked the Lord specifically to call me as the pastor of that group. It will be an interesting challenge. They have a heart for the Lord, and are willing to hear His Word.

We had opportunity to meet with some of the saints in Harrisburg. Nothing but a blessing!! Looking forward to more times with ones from my past.

Major Move

     The Lord has been doing some wonderful things in our life these past few months. Both of us are excited to see that the Lord has once again begun to use us for His purposes! It has been a step-by-step restoration of the years the cankerworm and the palmerworm and the locust have eaten.

     Can those times be recovered? No. But, the word of the Lord is sure that they can be restored (Joel 2:25).

     Without going into great detail as to the dealings of the Lord that have brought us to this place, suffice it to say that we are moving. We have known for quite some time that the Lord is through with us here in SW Missouri; but we were not clear on what was next.

     Now we are clear.

     We are in the process of packing what few things we must have, leaving the rest behind, and moving to a small town in east central PA. It is happening so quickly that it is quite possible that the next message you will hear from us will be from that area.

     There are some who have criticized us in the past for what appeared to them to be a sudden return to the Lord. Then, as now, this only appears to the natural mind as being sudden.

     We have no idea about the dealings of God in a person’s life when they are being kept hidden from view.

     Moses “all of a sudden” appeared in Egypt after 40 years of people deciding that he must be dead. Jesus “all of a sudden” appeared on the banks of the Jordan after not being heard from almost 20 years. Paul “all of a sudden” appeared in Jerusalem preaching the gospel that he had once destroyed.

     We are “all of sudden” moving to PA after many months of the Lord’s speaking to our hearts. We have waited upon the Lord, kept His word close to our hearts, and He has given direction each step along the way.

     It is an exciting time for us as we step out into the great unknown.

     Your prayers for us are greatly appreciated.