Pondering the Principles of Proverbs

king's heartIt is fashionable in the United States to criticize those in public office–from the local dog catcher all the way to the White House. It is one of our basic freedoms granted to us in the Bill of Rights. Christians love this right, and join in with all others in denigrating anyone in public office with whom they might disagree.

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What Does a Christian Believe?

I’ve been watching the intense controversy surrounding this current political season in the United States. People are taking sides in loud and sometimes obnoxious ways. Some people are even losing friends over this election.

There was an oh-so-true cartoon published on FaceBook today that solidified my desire to write this article. The caption read: “Let’s argue about politics until we resort to name calling. Then we can move on to religion and finally kill each other.”

A couple of weeks ago, the following comment was received by a friend of mine:


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